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Top Gear Auto-show: back in top form

Top Gear Season 23 episode 1 premiered

A new beginning in an all new avatar!

The world’s most famous auto show- Top Gear is back in action again with a new cast and some interesting changes in the format. This season features Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc as presenters.

About Episode 1:

This Episode has set the tone for how the series will unfurl. Given the big and loyal fan following, the show has ticked all the right boxes by including a supercar shootout, driving challenges featuring the presenters, stars in reasonably priced car (or rather a rallycross car in this show) and review of an all-terrain car.

The supercar shootout featured a Dodge Viper ACR with 8.4 Litre V10 engine producing 645 horsepower and a Corvette Z06 making 650 horsepower from its 6.2 Litre engine. The cars were driven at iconic US Top Gun Naval Station- a US Navy training facility made famous by a namesake Tom Cruise movie. Dodge was later driven around Top Gear track by the Stig.

The driving challenge featuring Chris and Matt was labeled as UK vs USA challenge. It included driving from London to Blackpool in (not-so!) Reliant Robin 3-wheeler cars. The true driving challenge awaited in Blackpool featuring original Willys Jeep (to represent USA) and Land Rover Series I (to represent UK).

For Star in reasonably priced car cameo, a rallycross track was arranged for the first time in the show for a Mini Cooper Rallycross version. Gordon Ramsay and Jessey Eisenberg appeared in this inaugural show to impress with their driving skills.

Finally, Matt reviewed Arial Nomad which is arguably the best all-terrain car (if you can call it a car, that is!). The chosen Moroccan terrain was a great mix of both off-road track and twisty tarmac.

About Top Gear:

Top Gear is the most watched automotive television show having a very loyal fan following in around 100 countries across the world. Its YouTube has around 5 million subscribers.

Viewers can enjoy Top Gear show which is aired on AXN India channel every Saturday at 9.00PM (IST).

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