Tata motors set to become a ‘dealership king’

Tata motors

Tata Motors would be opening a new dealership everyday

India's renowned automobile manufacturer and a global brand- Tata motors is geared up to set a new amazing record. The company has announced that it will open a new dealership everyday in the country after the month of July thereby expanding its current dealership network by an astronomical number of 200 new dealerships.

To keep up this pace of growth, Tata motors has also set a target of opening 1500 new dealerships in the country in the period of next five years.

The main aim behind this herculean task of service network expansion is to take the advantage of the rapid growth rate in India’s suburban regions. With the metros reaching their saturation limits, the real growth for an automobile sector is anticipated in the suburban and rural regions. While doing so, the company wants to put emphasis on the sales of its proven models like Indica and Indigo.

As Tata group is very well aware of the nerves of the Indian market and Indian consumers, this decision will definitely lay a foundation for company's success in the future.

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