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Suzuki Baleno: Riding high on hopes!

The ‘new avatar’ of the old warhorse


The premium hatch all set to be launched


‘Sometimes new things perform better with old names’ might seems to be the philosophy of India’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki when it comes to the launch of its premium hatchback named ‘Baleno’. A few years ago, the manufacturer had introduced the sedan with the same name. Unfortunately, the sedan Baleno’s sales number was not at par and failed to impress the market. But this time it seems that the story would be different altogether with the Baleno hatch. Let’s see what this most coveted hatch has on offer!

Suzuki Baleno exteriors:

This time it seems that Maruti has caught the nerves of young customers perfectly in conferring the aggressive and sporty exterior to this new vehicle. The strong body lines and refined curves give a sense of flow throughout. The overall appearance of the vehicle matches closely with Mercedes Benz B class when viewed from side.

Baleno view from top
Baleno From Top (Courtesy: Maruti Suzuki)

Suzuki Baleno colours:

The new Baleno is available in the following vivid colours:

Fire Red

Premium Urban Blue

Premium Silver

Autumn Orange

Ray Blue

Pearl Arctic White

Granite Gray

Suzuki Baleno engines:

According to information obtained from our sources, Petrol and Diesel versions of Baleno will be powered by 1.2 litre Petrol engine & 1.3 litre Diesel engine respectively.

Suzuki Baleno price:

In order to maintain the upper eye on the car market in India, Maruti Suzuki will price Baleno very competitively. We expect the price range of Baleno models to be somewhere in between 5.5 lakhs to 8.5 lakhs.

Suzuki Baleno launch date:

We anticipate that Suzuki Baleno will be launched on 26th October in India.

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