Super Sports-bike Trio

Kawasaki, Yamaha & Ducati Launch Their “200PS-club” Super Sports-Bikes in India Kawasaki Ninja H2: When you think about super sports-bike, one cannot miss out the world’s only “supercharged super-sport production bike”, the Kawasaki Ninja H2. …

Super Sports bikes Ninja H2, Panigale 1299 (Courtesy: Kawasaki, Ducati)

Kawasaki, Yamaha & Ducati Launch Their “200PS-club” Super Sports-Bikes in India

Kawasaki Ninja H2:

When you think about super sports-bike, one cannot miss out the world’s onlysupercharged super-sport production bike”, the Kawasaki Ninja H2. Sensing the growing demand for super-fast bikes, Kawasaki has brought the H2 to India very thoughtfully & at the right time. The Kawasaki H2’s bigger 998cc 4-cylinder engine comes equipped with a supercharger and developing a whopping 198bhp on the tap.

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 has three riding modes: 1 – for track riding, 2 – for the street riding, and 3 – for riding under wet conditions. The safety features on Kawasaki Ninja H2 include – quick shifter, a launch control, and an electronic steering damper. Kawasaki H2 also features fully adjustable KYB Racing Suspension, Dual radial-mount mono-bloc calliper brakes, Star-pattern 5-spoke cast aluminium wheels.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Super Sports-bike (Image Courtesy: Kawasaki)
Kawasaki Ninja H2 Super Sports-bike (Image Courtesy: Kawasaki)

The LED projector headlamp is positioned between the twin air-vents of the engine, which imitate the protruding teeth of a wild animal. The body panels are painted with mirror-coated black paint giving the Ninja H2 an ominous look with 3D appearance. The Ninja H2 is priced at Rs 29 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Yamaha R1 and R1M:

Yamaha has also jumped into the super sports-bike race by launching the twin-bikes – the YZF-R1 and R1M in India. The new R1 is more powerful than the earlier R1, while it weighs 4 kilos lees than the earlier R1.

Yamaha R1 (Image Courtesy: Yamaha)
Yamaha R1 (Image Courtesy: Yamaha)

Both the R1 & R1M super sports-bikes are powered by a 4-cylinder, 998cc engine which makes 200 PS of tongue-wagging power. This engine uses a higher compression ratio of 13:1, a cylinder head with a pent-roof combustion chamber, titanium connecting rods and forged aluminium pistons. The R1 also features all-new aluminium Delta-box frame with a long upward-truss type swing-arm and magnesium rear frame.

Yamaha R1M (Image Courtesy: Yamaha)
Yamaha R1M (Image Courtesy: Yamaha)

To control these power-monsters, Yamaha has equipped these super sports-bikes with five electronic control systems:

  1. Quick shifter
  2. Launch control
  3. Lift control
  4. Slide control
  5. Traction control

Yamaha has designed the super sports-bike R1M especially for track-riding, which is almost a road-going version of its MotoGP bike. The R1M features the carbon-fibre body fairing to reduce weight.

To further control the super sports-bike, R1M is additionally equipped with advanced electronic control systems.-

  1. Communication Control Unit (CCU) with data-logging functionality
  2. Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) – electronically-controlled suspension
  3. Slide Control System (SCS)
  4. 200mm-wide semi-high grip rear tyre

While the R1 is priced at Rs 22.34 lakh, the R1M is priced higher at Rs. 29.43 lakh (exshowroom, Delhi).

Ducati Panigale 1299:

As a latest addition to its options, the Ducati has launched its super sports-bike – the Ducati Panigale 1299. The Panigale 1299 comes with a massive 1,285cc L-twin engine which makes a mind-boggling 205bhp of power and 145Nm of torque. The Panigale 1299 has the most advance – ‘Fully Ride By Wire’ technology for superlative performance.

Ducati Panigale 1299 (Image Courtesy: Ducati)
Ducati Panigale 1299 (Image Courtesy: Ducati)

The Panigale 1299 is supported by advanced electronics systems to control its power. They are –

  1. Three Riding modes – Race, Sport, and Wet
  2. Ducati Quick Shift up/down (DQS)
  3. Cornering ABS
  4. Wheelie control
  5. Engine Braking Control (EBC)
  6. Traction control
  7. Data analyser with GPS
  8. 200 mm wide rear tyre
  9. Full TFT instrument panel
  10. Personalization – Optional riding packs – Sport pack & Touring Pack

The Ducati Panigale 1299 is priced at Rs 32.54 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai).

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