Mission Impossible GQ: 88Towns In 88Hours & Limca Book Of Records

Souvig Sarkar Became Fastest Indian Rider In 88 Hours So, what can you do in 88 hours? It’s a question with many answers, depending on who you ask. Someone can create a painting, or some …

Limca Book of Records: Fastest Indian Rider

Souvig Sarkar Became Fastest Indian Rider In 88 Hours

So, what can you do in 88 hours? It’s a question with many answers, depending on who you ask. Someone can create a painting, or some may compose a song. Some can even write a short novel, maybe. For some, 88 hours are not even enough to complete their sleep. However, 88 hours is all it took this guy to enter the prestigious Limca Book of Records. Meet Souvig Sarkar, the Fastest Indian Rider.

Recently, he successfully completed the arduous task of riding the Golden Quadrilateral. He covered a total distance of almost 6000km in less than 4 days. Just in 87 hours & 42 minutes precisely..! Moreover, he attempted the ride of his life on a Triumph Street Triple RS motorcycle.

Limca Book of Records
Limca Book of Records Fastest Indian Rider

As we met him at IBW2019, we found Souvig passionate with high ambitions. Earlier, he graduated from KJ Somaiyah College of Engineering and briefly worked with Tata Motors. He has an extraordinary commitment, just like his fellow students of Abiyantriki 2014. Nowadays, he runs a company named Bikers Billet, which manufactures bike accessories.

He accomplished the task of traveling 5962 km in less than 4 days on a motorbike. He hardly slept, ate a little, and had badly soured his feet. However, his passion for riding earned him the ultimate reward of holding a world record. Here, we bring his story for our readers & all the riding enthusiasts alike.

Fastest Indian Rider
Limca Book of Records Fastest Indian Rider

Fastest Indian Rider: Modifications to the motorcycle

  • Fitted a specially-designed radiator guard to cover various parts of the radiator and protect it from flying debris, mud, etc.
  • Frame sliders to protect the bike in the event of a fall.
  • 3M reflective tapes on the sliders to increase night visibility.
  • Bikers Billet’s Version 2.0 front fork sliders to protect the front forks.
  • Saddle support system converted into jerry can holders to reduce the time to refill at fuel stations.
  • This gave a range of around 450 km on a single refill. The angle in which the holders could be mounted safely was a major challenge.
  • Customized mobile holder with features like display angle adjustment, quick release and the ability to replace the base plate to view both the vehicle display and the GPS display with a mere glance.
  • Street Triple RS’ front and rear tyres changed to Pirelli Angel GTs for the endurance.
  • ‘Let’s Track’ GPS monitoring system fitted to track the whole journey.
  • Specially designed tail bag with special compartments that fits perfectly to carry ride-specific items.
  • Specially designed mobile charging socket where the chargers could be interchanged as required.
  • Provision to mount auxiliary lights.
  • Testing of the bike for about 1,600 km under harsh conditions with all the above accessories to check the sustainability.
  • New ECU maps to help the engine tackle the endurance of the record attempt.

Riding Gear and Luggage used:

  1. Via Terra Riding Gloves
  2. Via Terra Tail Bag
  3. Zeus Riding Shoes
  4. Cramster Riding Jacket
  5. Axor Helmet with Clear and Black Visors
Fastest Indian Rider
Limca Book of Records Fastest Indian Rider

Limca Book Of Records: Physical Preparation

It took Souvig a month to prepare physically and mentally for the ride. His physical training included cardio for 30-40 min, followed by weight training. Besides, his gym trainer would mix various workouts to cover all the body parts. Most importantly, he scheduled the stretching exercises before the actual workout sessions to avoid any injury. He also added Body Weight training along with weight training. Besides, he followed a strict diet chart comprised of high protein and low carbs.

Limca Book of Records
Limca Book of Records Fastest Indian Rider

Souvig started his preparations by going on long solo rides, which helped him test the bike’s capabilities. Besides, it also gave him an idea of how the bike performs in adverse weather. It came handy while facing similar conditions during the actual ride. During the pre-record riding phase, the Triumph Mumbai Service Centre Team provided him with their full support. They replaced a few parts that helped the bike to perform better. Besides, Souvig also tested his physical ability. He would sleep for 2-3 hours at night and continue his daily routine. It went on for 4-5 consecutive days. Incidentally, this was the most challenging part of the training.

Fastest Indian Rider: Route & Journey

Attempting to ride across the Golden Quadrilateral in record time on a motorcycle was indeed a Mission Impossible. But, even impossible says I M Possible! And like most achievements, this one isn’t about Souvig alone. He credits his entire team for his success. The first time Souvig attempted Golden Quadrilateral was in 2016. However, his bike broke down at Surat with just 300 km left to the finishing line. Ans, it turned out to be a complete disaster. But, accepting the failures wasn’t in Souvig’s DNA.

Souvig visited following 88 towns en-route:

  1. Vasai East, Maharashtra
  2. Panvel, Maharashtra
  3. Lonavla, Maharashtra
  4. Pune, Maharashtra
  5. Satara, Maharashtra
  6. Karad, Maharashtra
  7. Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  8. Belegavi, Karnataka
  9. Dharwad, Karnataka
  10. Hubli, Karnataka
  11. Renebennur, Karnataka
  12. Davangere, Karnataka
  13. Chitradurga, Karnataka
  14. Tumakuru, Karnataka
  15. Bengaluru, Karnataka
  16. Hosur, Karnataka
  17. Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu
  18. Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  19. Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  20. Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu
  21. Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  22. Gummidipundi, Tamil Nadu
  23. Padiyanallur, Tamil Nadu
  24. Gummidipundi, Tamil Nadu
  25. Khandrika, Andhra Pradesh
  26. Bandepalle, Andhra Pradesh
  27. Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
  28. Maddipadu, Andhra Pradesh
  29. Chilakaluripet, Andhra Pradesh
  30. Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
  31. Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
  32. Narayanapuram, Andhra Pradesh
  33. Prathipadu, Andhra Pradesh
  34. Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
  35. Burugupudi, Andhra Pradesh
  36. Gangavaram, Andhra Pradesh
  37. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  38. Makavaram, Andhra Pradesh
  39. Sri kakulam, Andhra Pradesh
  40. Brahmapur, Odisha
  41. Khurdha, Odisha
  42. Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  43. Cuttack, Odisha
  44. Chandipur, Odisha
  45. Khatnagar, West Bengal
  46. Howrah, West Bengal
  47. Kolkata, West Bengal
  48. Bardhaman, West Bengal
  49. Durgapur, West Bengal
  50. Maithon, Jharkhand
  51. Gobindpur, Jharkhand
  52. Dhanbad, Jharkhand
  53. Bhalua, Bihar
  54. Bazidpur, Bihar
  55. Raniganj, Bihar
  56. Aurangabad, Bihar
  57. Sarangpur, Bihar
  58. Basawanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  59. Singhitali, Uttar Pradesh
  60. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  61. Kallipur, Uttar Pradesh
  62. Brahmanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  63. Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
  64. Malwa, Uttar Pradesh
  65. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  66. Etawah, Uttar Pradesh
  67. Gurha, Uttar Pradesh
  68. Agra, Uttar Pradesh
  69. Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  70. New Delhi
  71. Gurugram, Haryana
  72. Dharuhera, Haryana
  73. Behror, Rajasthan
  74. Kotputli, Haryana
  75. Nawalpura, Rajasthan
  76. Jaipur, Rajasthan
  77. Ajmer, Rajasthan
  78. Udaipur, Rajasthan
  79. Kherwara, Rajasthan
  80. Ahmedabad, Gujrat
  81. Vadodara, Gujrat
  82. Dhanora, Gujarat
  83. Banaskantha, Gujarat
  84. Vapi, Gujarat
  85. Varwade, Maharashtra
  86. Sativali, Maharashtra
  87. Sakawar, Maharashtra
  88. Chinchoti, Maharashtra
Fastest Indian Rider
Limca Book of Records Fastest Indian Rider

Limca Book Of Records 2019: Day 01

Souvig started riding on 18th October 2019 from Mumbai at 11 pm. It was a difficult mission to accomplish. However, bad weather combined with bad roads added fuel to the fire! It didn’t stop pouring till the next morning. Yet, he rode for 24 hours without a break on the 1st day, covering 2150km. After that stretch, he took a break at Vishakhapatnam to eat. The break was for about 2:30 hours, including 2 hours of sleep.

Limca Book of Records
Limca Book of Records Fastest Indian Rider

Limca Book Of Records 2019: Day 02

Souvig started the 2nd day with a new set of dry clothes. However, it started raining again! So, he had to ride his bike through waterlogged roads. Yet, the Street Triple RS endured those conditions even though the tires got almost submerged in water. However, after crossing Burdwan in West Bengal, it started raining again! At Burdwan, his friend, brother, and team serviced the bike within 10-15 minutes, saving time. Unfortunately, his Bluetooth device also got damaged due to adverse weather conditions.

Fastest Indian Rider
Fastest Indian Rider

Furthermore, while riding in the night, the conditions were very wet and nasty. Additionally, the bike’s wheels developed multiple bends. However, Triumph Street Triple RS absorbed the damage due to its high-quality components. Then, he quickly went thru’ the time constraints and ways & means to tackle the weather conditions. However, his mindset was still positive. Souvig believed that the rains could break his body and bike but not his spirit.

The Challenge:

Unfortunately, time was running faster than his bike. Souvig concluded that he could take only 5 hours to rest in the next 2 days. However, he had to maintain the average riding speed of 75-85 km/h until the end. The rain wasn’t the only challenge for Souvig & his bike alike. He developed blisters on his hands and feet after riding continuously for 2 days in the heavy rain. He applied some soothing cream on the blisters and wrapped them as a quick fix. Then, he took a short nap for around 1hr 30minutes. And then, he started the journey again.

Limca book of records
Limca book of records Fastest Indian Rider

Limca Book Of Records 2019: Day 03

On 21st October 2019, Souvig started the ride in drizzling rain. He realized this and prepared himself. After breakfast, he started off to Agra & the rains slowed down a bit. The Taj Expressway allowed him to explore the full potential of the Street Triple RS for the next 300 km. Riders from Delhi chipped in for help & serviced the jammed clutch cable. However, he got worried after repeated service stops that consumed precious time. Besides, he took the wrong route to reach Delhi, which added to the time.


He continued riding! Just a few minutes into the ride, he encountered the worst nightmare that any rider could face. The temperature started to drop drastically. The wind added to the colder feeling. Besides, his winter lining underneath was already moist. He could feel the cold air seeping inside the riding jacket. Again, the conditions tore his riding jacket at various places. Thus, it increased the risk of hypothermia.

Fastest Indian Rider
Limca book of records Fastest Indian Rider

Realizing this problem, Souvig stopped. He communicated with the supporting team, including riders from all over India. A Jaipur rider immediately provided help with woolen clothes, foil paper, and woolen gloves. Souvig feels that without the support from the riding community all over India, this record ride would not have been possible. Thus, he could continue the ride. Then, his body started to give up due to fatigue, and hopes of setting the record began fading away. Finally, however, he had to give everything for this last leg. Now, the mind games began.

Mind vs Body

Souvig focused on his mind rather than his body. Then, he drank tea at various roadside stalls to keep him warm. He made quick calculations and discarded self-doubts & negative thoughts. Somehow, he managed to escape the cold night with multiple tea breaks. He constantly communicated with his father and close friends. Their words kept him awake and motivated. Finally, he took a quick nap for 30 minutes near a tea stall due to exhaustion.

However, he still had to cover approximately 1,100 kilometers in 11 hours and 30 minutes. That’s almost 100km in an hour! So, he started chanting the name of the almighty. He needed the support of the divine power to continue & started riding again at around 3 am. Besides, he couldn’t take a break in the next 12 hours. His family and close friends were in constant touch. Besides, they kept motivating him to pull off the impossible.

Final Moments:

Furthermore, Souvig reached Vadodara, and his excitement reached its zenith. Then, he finally reached the starting point at 2.42 pm without a break for another 500 kilometers. Finally, he signed the documents and sealed the record. His family and friends welcomed him with garlands and sweets on 22nd October. Besides, it turned out to be his birthday. Thus, on 22nd October 2019, he became the Fastest Indian Rider!

Limca book of records Fastest Indian Rider
Limca book of records Fastest Indian Rider

Limca Book Of Records 2019: Conclusion

Alas, after this kind of expedition, all you really get in return is a painful back, stiff muscles, and soured feet. So, please don’t attempt if you are NOT passionate. Remember, this is not just about speed. But, also about passion & attitude. All you need is the right attitude, balls of steel, and a support team to break this kind of record.

However, what this passionate guy from India really achieved is invaluable..! He is now the Fastest Indian Bike Rider to conquer the Golden Quadrilateral. This record will surely go unbroken for a very long time. We at CarBikeTech, wish him all the best in his endeavors. With the benchmark set for the Golden Quadrilateral, we are sure the record-keepers would carve his name in golden words for this expedition.!!

For more information on Biker’s Billet, please click here:


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