Sono Motors Sion

Sono Motors Sion: A self-charging electric car is here

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Fully electric self-charging solar car Sion by Sono motors.

Sion is a fully electric solar car that charges itself on the go. Sono Motors is a german startup that wants to create fossil-fuel-free mobility. The start-up has a team of experts in engineering, design, and technology. Sono Motors Sion clearly highlights the passion to create new technology.

Sono Motors Sion Rear View
Sono Motors Sion Rear View

Furthermore, Sion has integrated solar cells. It also provides innovative mobile services. This car charges itself with the help of the sun. In addition, we can charge it at home. So, it has dual charging options.

The solar integration

The Sono Motors Sion has 248 solar cells. The new innovative manufacturing integrates solar cells into body panels. In addition, the viSONO system creates an innovative charging solution. Thus, Sion can generate an additional range of 5800 km per year. This additional range is completely free.

Sion Solar Pannels
Sion Solar Panels

Furthermore, the Sion has solar cells everwhere. Interestingly, it has no paint on its body. These solar modules perfectly fit and adapt the shape of the vehicle. So, this new technology opens up new possibilities in every field. In addition, solar cell integration is a new design standard. These solar cells are almost invisible. Hence, they are more aesthetic & efficient.

In addition, the solar body panels are embedded in polymers instead of glass. So, these are 20% lighter than the metal body parts. Besides, this polymer coating does not splinter. It has high resistance and protects solar cells from external influences. The car also predicts the solar range. It can produce an additional range of 34km through Sun. This range may vary in accordance with the weather conditions.

Flexible charging and Sion

Sion Bidirectional Charging
Sion Bidirectional Charging

Sono Motors Sion takes 30 minutes to charge upto 80% at a fast-charging station. You can charge it at home or any public charging station. Even you can charge your Sion with any other Sion. The car has a bidirectional onboard charger. Hence, Sion can use its power to recharge any other electric vehicle.

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