Sonalika unveils the most powerful Solis 120 tractor

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Home grown tractor to rule the world farms...!

First ever Indian made 120 HP tractor!!

Solis 120
Solis 120 tractor (Courtesy: Business Today)

Sonalika International Tractors Limited, one of the largest Indian tractor manufacturers, has recently introduced its most powerful tractor named Solis 120 into the market. Solis 120 is powered by 120 HP engine and is the flagship model of the manufacturer. Thus, Sonalika has become the first Indian manufacturer to develop and export 120 HP tractor. Eventhough, at this stage, Solis 120 is planned only for export, Sonalika has developed and produced it entirely in India.

Specification of Solis 120:

This huge machine is powered by a six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine featuring common rail diesel injection technology. Later, this engine mates to a 24 + 24 gearbox which ensures that almost every HP produced is put to use effectively. As a result of this robust engine-gearbox combination, Solis 120 can carry 4,500 kg of load effortlessly.

About Sonalika:

Sonalika Group is an Indian group of companies founded by Mr. Lakshman Das Mittal. This group ventures into manufacturing of tractors, multi-utility vehicles, diesel generators and auto components. Globally, Sonalika has reached 80 different countries and the number is still rising.

According to the Tractor's Manufacturing Association, Sonalika secured the top spot in tractor export in the month of July 2016. The manufacturer managed to export 1534 units surpassing TAFE Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra.

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