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Rendered: Tata Kite Tail-Lamp Pics

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New Details Emerge: Tata Kite’s Tail-lamps revealed

New details have emerged about Tata Kite’s tail-lamps. Following our earlier story on Tata Kite, one of CrankIT’s ardent follower - Ameya has sent us the latest spy pics of the Kite revealing its Tail-lights. Till now, the minute details of the car such as the headlamps & tail lamps had been strictly kept under the wraps by the company. However, these latest pics show how they will look on the production models. We are updating the latest pics of the hatchback Kite’s Tail-lamps for our followers and enthusiasts.

Tail-Gate Design:

Except for the tail-gate section on the Kite, which protrudes out as viewed from the side; its rear posture is little bit upright with curved rear glass.

Tata Kite's Rear Glass
Tata Kite's Rear Glass

It closely resembles to the rear posture of Hyundai Grand-i10 which also looks similar, whereas the tail-gate contours near the tail-lamps match to that of Volkswagen Polo.

Tata Kite's Tail-gate contours
Tata Kite's Tail-gate contours


The latest pics of Tata's Kite reveal its tail-lamps in curved shape. The tail-lamps look more like the horns of a bull or a wild animal, which are pointing upwards. This styling closely resembles to VW Polo’s tail-lamps which also look similar.

Tata Kite's Tail-Lights
Tata Kite's Tail-Lights

However, the actual design of Tata Kite will emerge only after it is finally unveiled; until then, it will just be the game of speculation. We thank Ameya for sending this pic for our viewers.

Note: (Image Courtesy: respective manufacturers)

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