Ratan Tata Honoured

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Ratan Tata honoured with Doctorate of Automotive Engineering:

Ratan Tata (photo courtesy: Tata Group)
Ratan Tata (photo courtesy: Tata Group)

Clemson University has honoured Ratan Tata - the ex-chairman of India’s most trusted brand the Tata Group & Tata Motors, with an honorary Doctorate of Automotive Engineering at the South Carolina Automotive Summit recently. President of Clemson University James Clements said in a statement, "He is truly a global leader whose impact reaches far beyond the borders of India. Tata leads with integrity and compassion and is an outstanding role model for our students." Describing Ratan Tata as a titan in the automotive industry in India, the Dean of Clemson's College of Engineering and Science Anand Gramopadhye said that he is also a giant in the global marketplace.

Ratan Tata is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a bachelor's degree in architecture. He then studied management & completed the Advanced Management Program from the reputed Harvard Business School. Ratan Tata joined the Tata Group in 1962 & then became the chairman of Tata Industries In 1981. He spearheaded the task of transforming Tata Industries into a group under Tata Sons, which promoted new ventures in high technology businesses. Ratan Tata, who retired in December’12, transformed the Tata Group from an Indian company into a multinational conglomerate during his tenure as the chairman. His tenure witnessed the Tata group’s domination in almost every field – from salt to software.


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