Orxa Mantis

Orxa Mantis: India’s first electric trike is getting real

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Orxa Mantis By Orxa Energies

The electric era in cars and motorcycles is just taking off. More and more startups are entering into this field with innovative concepts. Bangalore based startup Orxa Energies has innovative concept of electric trike called Orxa Mantis.

Orxa Mantis design
Orxa Mantis design

The Orxa Energies has a clear focus on building a no-compromise electric motorcycle. There are very few electric motorcycle companies around the world. Zero Motorcycles is one of them and the products from Zero Motorcycles are seriously amazing. In the case of India, still, the premium electric motorcycle segment is struggling to move ahead. Hence, Orxa Energies is thinking of changing the ecosystem.

The challenge

Starting a new startup with a great idea seems simple but it is not that simple. In the case of hardware startups, it is extremely difficult to survive. The prototyping seems simple. However, practically manufacturing the whole product on a scale is the biggest challenge you face. Besides all these odds, the Orxa is working hard to make an electric motorcycle that everyone would love to ride.

The design and performance

As the name suggests, the basic design of the trike will look like a mantis. At first glance, the trike has a slender looking design just like a predator rapidly striking its prey. It is a performance street bike with lots of power with great comfort. In addition, highly controllable power makes the rides stress free.

Furthermore, the speed and range allow riders to comfortably conquer city roads as well as highways. The Orxa Mantis comes equipped with battery swap technology. So, it will be very easy to just swap the batteries and move to your next destination.

In addition, the Orxa Mantis design is in-house but the startup is outsourcing its production. The front two wheels can move on both the sides just like Yamaha Niken. So, you can corner and lean freely with more confidence.

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