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Opus OP 15 Off-road Camper: Adventure Camping Begins

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Opus OP 15 Hybrid Caravan

Opus OP 15 is a hybrid caravan suitable for off-road camping. It's a luxurious caravan from Opus. The high-quality bamboo interiors are luxurious. The interiors also give plenty of room for the family. The storage and living space are also sufficient for a big family.

Opus OP 15 Kitchen
Opus OP 15 Kitchen

Furthermore, OP 15 is an expandable camper. The luxurious camper has off-road tires that give extra grip on difficult terrain. This take-it-anywhere architecture can bring immense flexibility in camping. So, you can take your caravan to a remote location in the heart of nature.

The outdoor kitchen

Yes, Opus OP 15 has an outdoor practical kitchen. So, you get a full kitchen experience with an external fridge. The stainless steel kitchen slides out & so, it's very convenient. The stainless steel chopping board, pantry access and preparation deck are few more features. Hence, you will get true outdoor kitchen experience.

In addition, the fridge and freezer combo gives you immense flexibility with your cooling needs. The Dometic CFX75 electric cooler comes standard. So, you don't need to worry about your food storage.

Easy Deployment

The Opus OP 15 comes with a pop-up roof for more headroom. In addition, the expandable rear creates more cabin space. Hence, the cabin is smaller for normal use but it's bigger when you camp.

Furthermore, 3100ah AGM batteries recharge themselves by a 300watt solar system. The articulating hitch attached to the steel chassis is ready to tackle any terrain. Both the wheels have rear independent shock absorbers. So, your ride is smooth.

The luxurious interiors

The interiors of Opus OP 15 are loaded with luxury. It has a full leather dining area. The full-size bamboo dresser, 24 hrs hot water supply, a shower toilet combo is convenient. The interior heater and air conditioner come standard. The goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible with close proximity to nature.

OP 15 Interiors
OP 15 Interiors

Furthermore, the interiors are roomy. The king-size bed and twin bunks can accommodate large families. This is possible due to the placement of a functional kitchen outdoor.

Opus OP 15 Features & Specification

The exteriors features include galvanized and welded drawbar and chassis. Gas shock absorbers, alloy wheels, stone guard, Four Heavy-duty hydraulic stabilizer legs, Trailer breakaway system, electric brakes, and power step, etc.

Furthermore, the interior features include a 4 speaker entertainment system, leather seats, Bamboo wardrobe, and storage area, water heater, USB sockets, Internal LED lighting system, Television, and two freshwater tanks, etc.

In conclusion, Opus OP 15 is a new way of camping at an adventurous location. Thanks to Opus for making such an amazing camper.

Image Courtesy: Opus

Watch Opus OP 15 in action:

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