Online Car Sale: New Process Due to Coronavirus

Auto-Makers Prefer Online/No-contact Sales Policy The next time to want to purchase a vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, be prepared to do so using an online method. Automobile manufacturers are now going …

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Auto-Makers Prefer Online/No-contact Sales Policy

The next time to want to purchase a vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, be prepared to do so using an online method. Automobile manufacturers are now going for online car sale and taking a different approach towards sales. Most of the manufacturers have set up websites or mobile apps for the purpose. The pandemic of coronavirus has changed the way automobile sale at dealerships functions. Let’s see who is offering what type of service.

People’s inclination would most likely go back to use a personal mobility vehicle due to need of extra hygiene standards and fear of infection from coronavirus. This, in turn, could start an increase in car sales. However, manufacturers are prepared for this and have now launched online platforms to sell their cars. They have devised ways to boost sales thru’ online bookings. In this list of car makers are Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, MG Motors, Honda, Ford and Mahindra.

Online Car Sale: Mahindra & Ford

Mahindra recently announced launch of ‘Own Online’. It is an online car sale platform through which the interested buyers can buy a car in a simple four-step process. Customers can also personalise their vehicles and instantly generate an exchange. Besides, they can get finance and insurance quotations and make booking payment for online car sale. Now, you can buy an SUV by just placing an online order just like a Pizza. You can book a Mahindra SUV here.

Ford India launched contactless sales, services to fight coronavirus infections. The company also focused on maintaining social distancing norms in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. It has a new procedure called Dial-A-Ford. It will allow a prospective customers to book, test drive or even get the delivery of new vehicle at their doorstep. You can book a Ford service here.

Honda & Volvo

Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL) introduces ‘Honda from Home’ online booking platform. Honda offers car purchase options from the comfort of home, without needing to visit the dealership. Honda informed that it integrates HCIL’s pan-India dealerships. Besides, it allows customers to surf through the product options, select their preferred dealership and book their car online. According to Honda, providing ‘Joy of Buying’ to our customers is at the core of its corporate philosophy. You can book a Honda car here.

Volvo Car India also joined the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, and Volkswagen in offering a ‘contactless’ sales and service platform to its consumers. Volvo dubbed its online car sale facility as contactless program. Its new initiative will help prospective as and current Volvo car buyers to avail sales and aftersales services online. Furthermore, Volvo said that all of its dealerships are being disinfected and are provided with PPEs and sanitizers. For that, the company has joined hands with 3M. You can book a Volvo here.

Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini

Audi India also launched its online car sales, services and AR showroom experience. It allows existing customers to book a service and schedule its pick-up and drop timing. Audi’s Augmented Reality feature allows you to discover a digital version of its models in your current surroundings. The company considers digitalisation is a key focus area. Audi combined its entire sales network to enable customers to book new vehicles or get vehicles booked for service from home. You can book Audi service here.

Mercedes-Benz has launched its ‘MercFromHome’ initiative, which is basically an e-commerce website dedicated for buying Mercedes-Benz cars in India. You can now buy a Mercedes-Benz without leaving even the house. From a series of drop-down boxes, you can choose whether you want a new or pre-owned car. Besides, it lets you choose what body style and drivetrain you want, and what city you are in. You can book a Mercedes here.

Italian luxury car maker Lamborghini decided to launch its all-new Huracán EVO RWD Spyder virtually with the help of Apple AR. The company recently unveiled the new sports car virtually via the Apple AR technology due to the coronavirus.

Renault & Nissan

Renault offers ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ for its cars in India. In order to support its customer in these challenging times, Renault came up with customer-focused offers including a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ scheme. In this, the customers can buy any Renault car in May and start paying their EMI after three months of purchase. This offer can be availed either at the dealership, on the Renault India website or the My Renault App.

Nissan India launched virtual showroom to facilitate online car sale of its cars. The company also offers customers to buy now, pay next year. The company also introduced the ‘Job Loss Protection’ on EMIs. Nissan India has tied-up with various financial institutions to offer a range of schemes. This includes paperless payment of car loans, and offers for women car loan applicants. Nissan has also launched its pick-up and drop service for its customers. The service includes a standard sanitization process for all frequent touch-points in the vehicle such as door handles and gearstick. You can book a Nissan car here.

Online Car Sale: MG Motor

MG Motor India has launched ‘MY MG’ app for its customers. It can be used for a number of purposes such as booking a car online, obtaining service alerts, and checking vehicle health.

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