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Ola electric: Electric mass transportation begins in India

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Ola brings electric cabs to India:

Ola, one of the cab aggregators, is heading towards an electric revolution in India. 'Olacab' recently started its pilot project 'Ola electric' in Nagpur with 200 electric mass transport vehicles. Ola electric is an electric mass transportation project. It also includes the necessary infrastructure to run a fleet of electric cabs such as charging points.

India is in dire need of clean energy solutions. It is witnessing an increase in number of pollution problems. Cities are clogged by air pollution caused by vehicles. Use of clean energy and electric vehicles may significantly reduce emission problems in India.

Overview of Ola electric:

Ola electric is multi-model electric platform. Under this platform, different types of electric vehicles can be charged under one roof. So, it solves the problem of charging vehicles. Electric cabs, e-rickshaw and electric buses can also be charged at the same charging station.

Furthermore, Indian government is aiming to get 100% electric vehicles on the road by 2030. In coordination with this campaign, Ola is moving forward with electric cabs. Currently, Ola electric cab project is available in Nagpur. The company is keen in investing in electric cabs. $2billion worth of investments are in the pipeline. Thus, the company will be starting the electric revolution in all cities in India.

Ola electric sourcing:

Ola electric will procure the vehicles from OEM partners like Mahindra, TVS, TATA, Kinetic and BYD for operating the Ola Electric cabs. Mahindra has been building electric vehicles since 2011. Mahindra launched e20 as its first electric car. It is also fine tuning its electric car segment and introducing updated models. Mahindra has already invested Rs 600 crores in technology, plant and other supporting infrastructure for electric cars.

Mahindra e 2 o plus
Mahindra e 2 o plus

In such a positive situation, Ola is taking its steps in the right direction. In addition, it is also bringing necessary infrastructure for electric cars which is a huge step forward. So, Ola electric will give Ola an edge in this competitive market. It can transform the current mass transportation infrastructure. This project will also bring clean, pollution free rides to the citizens; ultimately increasing the quality of their life.

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