Ok Play e rickshaw

Ok Play e rickshaw is the beginning of clean mass transportation in India.

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Ok Play e rickshaw: The beginning of electric revolution in India

The pollution levels in India are rising at a higher pace than ever before. Emission problem is choking the cities with polluted air. These problems are worldwide. Some automakers like Tesla is bringing the change. Here in India Ok Play is bringing the change by introducing Ok Play e rickshaw called e-Raaja an indigenously developed Electric Rickshaw made up of plastic. Ok Play India is a manufacturer of automobile spare parts since 2011.

Ok Play e rickshaw Features
Ok Play e rickshaw Features

From 1988, the company is into manufacturing plastic tanks and then diversified into components manufacturing. In 2016 it entered into the electric vehicle segment.

Design of Ok Play e rickshaw e-Raaja:

The whole body is made up of plastic so the rickshaw is very light weight. The total weight of the rickshaw is only 320kgs. It has seamless and round edges with impact resistant plastic which makes this rickshaw more reliable on every road. The robust build adds to the strength of the body structure.

Features of Ok Play e rickshaw e-Raaja:

Ok Play e rickshaw Seats
Ok Play e rickshaw Seats

The rigid appearance of e-Raaja is the result of strong body characters. Powder coated seamless chassis adds to stability. The telescopic front suspension with leaf spring rear suspension makes travel comfortable on rough roads. Armrest is designed for better grip and the seats are gel cushioned which minimizes jolts. There is a large storage compartment helps to carry luggage.

The large surface at the rear helps to get more advertisement space. There is single switch to move forward and revers which add convenience. The battery chamber is designed keeping good ventilation in mind. This design helps to dissipate heat evenly to the surroundings. The fade proof, UV stabilized colours keep the freshness in the appearance of the rickshaw.

Power and capacities of Ok Play e rickshaw e-Raaja:

The e-Raaja works on 48V BLDC motor. The motor churns out 900W of power, enough to carry 700kg of weight. On each charge it can cover the distance of 80 to 100 kms. The rickshaw is 2800mm in length. The 12” wheels provide stability and hydraulic drum brakes look after braking.

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