Terrano Anniversary Edition

Nissan Terrano Anniversary Edition

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A limited edition launched just before the festive season

To celebrate the anniversary of its popular model Terrano and also to take an advantage of the on-going ‘sales-favourable’ festive season, Japanese automaker Nissan has recently introduced a limited edition of Terrano named ‘Anniversary Edition’.


Anniversary Edition Terrano is available in two different trims viz. XVD THP and XVD THP Premium. Both these versions are powered by 1.5 Litre Diesel motor producing 110PS of power. Six speed manual transmission is standard on feature on both of them.

Fuel Economy:

As per Nissan’s claim, Anniversary Edition Terrano can deliver a mileage of 19.01 kmpl.

Special Features:

Here are some of the features that you will find specifically on the Anniversary edition:

Head Up Display:

Terrano HUD
Head Up Display (Courtesy: Nissan Motor Co.)

Located on the dashboard to the right hand side of the driver, Head Up Display assists in choosing the direction and provides information about time and speed of the vehicle.

Roof Spoiler:

Roof Spoiler
Roof Spoiler on Terrano (Courtesy: Nissan Motor Co.)

Roof spoiler serves both aesthetically and functionally. It adds a tone to the bold styling of the vehicle and also reduces the aerodynamic drag thereby improving fuel economy.

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