Nawaracer: First e-motorcycle with hybrid battery is here

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Nawaracer: world's first e-motorcycle with hybrid battery tech.

The new generation electric motorcycles are now coming into the market. More and more companies are trying to ride the electric wave. In this race, many new start-ups are changing how we ride motorcycles with new inventions. The Nawaracer is the first electric motorcycle with hybrid battery technology. Nawaracer is the product of the combined efforts of Nawa Technologies, FAAR, AKKA Technologies, YSY Group, and Proenergy.

Nawaracer Front View
Nawarcer Front View

First of all, The Nawaracer has a hybrid ultracapacitor battery system that significantly reduces charging times and improves energy efficiency. This new hybrid battery system combines revolutionary ultracapacitors with conventional lithium-ion cells. In addition, both of them merged to get the best of both worlds. So, this new innovative architecture opens up new possibilities in electric power trains.


Nawa Technology is bringing out the best from capacitors and lithium-ion batteries. The new platform significantly improves the overall system life. Besides, it is compatible with any electric vehicle. Furthermore, using this architecture enhances efficiency and reduces the size of the battery pack by half. Even this platform also enhances the range up to 2X of the traditional architecture.

Nawaracer Side View
Nawarcer Side View

Furthermore, Nawaracer is a fully functional dynamic e-motorbike prototype. The prototype features electronic integration by Proenergy and FAAR. However, the simulation, design, and realization are by AKKA technologies. The YSY Group does the testing.

The Nawaracer

First of all, Nawaracer is just a prototype. As of now, the company has no plans for producing such a motorcycle. However, the platform has immense importance when it comes to battery technology. The whole design is nothing but a stunning retro café-racer. The clean energy approach, along with new battery technology, adds value to the industry.

In addition, this prototype can reuse about 80% of the energy from regenerative braking. The highly efficient in-wheel motor can generate 40kW of energy. The Nawa can cover 150 km, but regenerative braking & start-stop riding doubles the range up to 300kms in an urban environment. Hence, more range in a smaller setup.

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