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MRF’s New Biking Community Launched in India

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MRF Launches “Ride Along With MRF” in India:

India’s largest tyre manufacturer - MRF has launched a biking community for riding enthusiasts in India. The community portal has been launched to cater to the growing demands of group riding and serve the people with passion for riding. The community’s motto is to make the group riding more acceptable and enjoyable in India.

Ride ideas
Ride ideas

Current Scenario:

Riding on Indian roads could be an intimidating task for beginners because of traffic / road conditions and lack of training. Riding alone could be boring and dangerous at times. So, MRF has come up with an idea of community for group riding under its banner and its organisers. The ride organiser will ensure that bike riding activity is safe and full of fun and also provide assistance in case of breakdown of the bike.

The biking communities in India are either created by the well-known bike brands or the bike owners of a particular brand. Although there are few groups with different brands of bikes, they are restricted to a particular geographical area. MRF aims to make this community on PAN-India basis. Here, riding enthusiasts of any age group can join the rides they like. “Ride Along With MRF” is not restricted to a particular brand and is open to bikes of all sizes, shapes and capacities.

“Ride Along With MRF”: Cities

In the beginning, the “Ride Along With MRF” will be available across 6 Indian cities. They are: Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Nagpur. Later, MRF will launch this initiative in other Indian cities. Thru’ this portal riding enthusiasts can find new riding ideas, join existing rides and share their riding stories. The riders can also win loyalty points and get invited to special rides and events organised by MRF.

Ride Diaries
Ride Diaries

MRF has also hand-picked the riders with vast experience & skills as the ambassadors of “Ride Along With MRF”. The beginners can get tips and support from these experts in the field. MRF hopes that the ambassadors will help to develop a unique Indian Biking Culture in the country.

Note: All Images (Courtesy: MRF)

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