M&M Reva e2o

M&M to electrify European market

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All set to launch its electric vehicle in Europe

M&M - the Indian auto-manufacturer with global perspective, is planning to launch its electrical vehicle i.e. Reva e2o in European market considering a strong demand of electrical vehicles in that market. Company has set a target of approximately six months to do so.

While asserting the confidence in this move Mr. Pravin Shah, M&M Chief Exexutive, Automotive Division said “The way electric vehicle technology is growing in Europe, we expect it to play an important role there.”

Mahindra Reva e2o previously known as ‘Reva NXR’, is a compact hatchback having completely electrical drivetrain. It was introduced in the Indian market in the month of March 2013 after M&M took over the parent company Reva in May 2010. Since then e2o is being sold in India and Nepal.

However, like the other volume players of M&M such as Bolero and Scorpio, Reva e2o has not succeeded in generating such a large volume mainly due to the lack of infrastructural facilities in India like charging stations which are immensely essential for any electric vehicle. Cost is also one of the factors which forces the buyers to opt for other less expensive options.

Europe, on the other hand, has a very strong demand of the electric vehicles which is also supported by good infrastructure thereby making one of the most prospective markets in the world. As claimed by M&M, Reva e2o meets the standards for European market and thus it is believed that it can establish a remarkable foothold in Europe.

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