Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept: Future of SUVs is here

MI-Tech concept: Buggy type SUV from Mitsubishi The Mitsubishi motor corporation recently unveiled a new concept SUV. Mitsubishi MI-Tech is a concept SUV from the Japanese automaker. The company unveiled it at the Tokyo motor …

Mitsubishi MI-Tech concept

MI-Tech concept: Buggy type SUV from Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi motor corporation recently unveiled a new concept SUV. Mitsubishi MI-Tech is a concept SUV from the Japanese automaker. The company unveiled it at the Tokyo motor show.

 MI-Tech concept Exteriors
MI-Tech concept Exteriors

Furthermore, the Mi-Tech concept showcases Mitsubishi’s vision for the future. This new concept has a buggy type design. In addition, it is totally electric.

The M in the name is nothing but Mitsubishi. ‘I’ stands for intelligent, inspired and ingenious while ‘Tech’ stands for technology. So, the name simply highlights the future of technology at Mitsubishi.

Furthermore, the MI-Tech concept is basically a small plug-in hybrid electric SUV. It simply underlines the company’s mission statement “Drive Your Ambition”. It is lightweight, compact, electric, 4WD SUV. In addition, it also has driver-assist and passive safety systems.

The design

The Mitsubishi MI-Tech concept has a dynamic buggy type design. It actually sparks the adventure within. The primary light-blue body color and secondary copper color on the grill highlights progressiveness.

Furthermore, the front of the SUV has a signature dynamic shield. The color of the shield is satin with copper as a secondary color. This expressive color effect directly associates with its electric nature.

In addition, the T shape headlights emphasize outward appearance. The aluminum skid plates on both sides protect the vehicle’s body. The large-diameter tire and raised over-fenders give muscularity to the SUV. The side-steps on carved sides balance design and utility at the same time. These exterior features make this SUV sportier, meaner and sharper. This design also projects a high level of mobility and stability on difficult terrains.

The rear is large, bold and has a hexagon shape. The rear of the SUV feels more robust. The T-shaped tail lamps have the same placement as front headlamps.

The Mitsubishi MI-Tech concept Interiors

The interiors are more sporty than exteriors. The large horizontal instrument panel makes handling easier. It is also more functional. The copper lines are added to the instrument panel and steering wheel.

MI-Tech concept Interiors
MI-Tech concept Interiors

In addition, the switches have a center placement and they also carry the horizontal theme. The shape of the switch is just like the keyboard. The front hand grip acts as a hand pad for operating switches. These buttons are very functional and simple in nature. Hence, easier to operate.

The driver gets some extra comfort. He will get all the relevant information on the front windshield. The information includes routes, drive terrain, and car behavior, etc.

PHEV drivetrain

The Mitsubishi MI-Tech concept has a power-generator in PHEV drivetrain. The gas-turbine engine generator is compact. Here, the traditional IC engine is replaced with the gas turbine engine generator. It has a powerful output.

In addition, the additional advantage of a gas turbine is its flexibility in fuels. You can run it on diesel, kerosene, and alcohol. The exhaust is also cleaner with less environmental impact.

Electric 4-WD

The Mitsubishi integrates the vehicle dynamics control system with a quad motor 4WD system and rear dual-motor active yaw control units. This combination of systems delivers drastic improvements in the performance of turning and traction. These systems also deliver a thrilling performance like 180-degree spins by the counter-rotating left and right tires.

Driver assistance and preventive safety

The human-machine interface (HMI) projects all the relevant data on the VR windshield. The sensing technology with optical sensors gives accurate information about the surroundings. So, drivers make accurate decisions on the go with VR windshield.

MI-Tech concept HMI
MI-Tech concept HMI

Furthermore, the SUV has MI pilot next-generation driver assistance technology. Hence, the driver has support in all-terrain conditions including unpaved roads.

In conclusion, the Mitsubishi MI-Tech concept is nothing but the future of SUVs. The compact design packed with technology marks the new beginning in the future of electric mobility.

Image courtesy: Mitsubishi

Watch Mitsubishi MI-Tech concept in action

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