Microlino: Is this a car or not a car? you decide!

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Microlino: A mini electric car is here & you will love it

Micro mobility systems limited recently unveiled a small electric car Microlino. This Swiss company invents urban mobility solutions. The Microlino is basically a very small electric car that can sit only two occupants. It takes 1/3 rd space when we compare it to a normal car, and so very easy to park.

Microlino Front View
Front View

Wim, Oliver, and Merlin Ouboter had one question in mind and the same question invents Microlino.

How much car do you really need for daily driving?

In current scenarios around the world, we see big heavy, and fat cars. As per the study, only 1.2 people per car drive a daily distance of 30kms. So, how we can design such a car that requires less space? It must be a cross between motorcycles and cars. In addition, it should also protect you from the weather and must carry luggage.

Microlino Rear View
Rear View

Furthermore, this car must be small and nimble. During the research, they come across 1950's bubble cars. By taking the inspiration from bubble car, they designed the first Microlino.

The Microlino Concept

The concept behind Microlino is its simplicity. It has space for two, It is convenient to charge and it is easy to park. The basic idea and design of this car are on these three key points.

Microlino Interiors

First of all, due to its small size, it can fit into any parking space. We can cross park Microlino and thus, it takes only 1/3 rd space of a normal car. In addition, the door is in the front side. So, you can directly exit on a sidewalk.

Microlino Doors
Microlino Doors

Furthermore, we can charge the car with a normal house socket. It takes only four hours to charge. It can also charge in one hour if you are in a hurry at the designated charging station.

The car is small but spacious from inside. The bench seat can fit two adults. The 220 Liter trunk volume can accommodate your groceries or even three beer crates.

Environment and Microlino

The car has more environmental-friendly features. First of all, it is 100% electric. So, zero emissions. It consumes 65% less energy during production and driving when we compare it to other cars. It is electric and hence, it has 50% fewer parts when we compare it to a traditional car.

Microlino Headlights

The performance

The Microlino has 90km/h top speed. It comes with two battery options. 8kWh and 14.4kWh. It has a kerb weight of 513kg. The electric motor produces 11kW power with 100Nm torque. It can go 0-50km/h in 5 seconds.

Furthermore, the range of the car depends on the battery. The 8kWh battery has a range of 125kms and 14.4kWh battery has a range of 200kms. The total dimensions of the car are 2430mm*1500mm*1450mm.

The Sustainability

When you use Microlina for one year you save 3321.6kg of Co2 emission. Furthermore, the lighter car means you can go long distances with a small battery. You also consume less energy when you go from point A to B.

In addition, the car has a small battery and lightweight construction. So, it consumes 60% less energy during the production process than a normal car. The electric drive train and simple construction reduce maintenance costs. It has 50% fewer parts than a traditional car, so it's lighter to your pocket too.

In conclusion, Microlino is the smallest and simplest car we ever come across. We are very sure, it will stand out in urban micro-mobility solutions.

Watch Microlino in action

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