Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR Is Here & Its Really Kickass

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Vision AVTR concept from Mercedes Benz

Do you remember the AVATAR movie from 2009? We are very sure everyone remembers it. The stunning screenplay with beautiful animation that truly takes this movie to the age. Now Mercedes Benz recently unveiled Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR. It is the concept car that takes inspiration from the AVATAR movie.

Vision AVTR
Vision AVTR

First of all, AVTR in the case of Mercedes Benz stands for Advance Vehicle Transformation. This concept vehicle truly highlights the vision of Mercedes Benz designers, engineers and trend researchers for future mobility.

No emission with full confidence: Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR.

The Dynamic Luxury saloon has efficient and high-performance electric motors that sit closely with the wheels. The combined power of all the motors equates to 350kW. This gives Vision AVTR immense agility. So, actually it's a new benchmark for EQ power.

Furthermore, The highly intelligent and fully variable torque distribution takes vision AVTR's driving dynamics to the next level. This distribution also manages the power of all four motors very well, leading to more efficiency.

In addition, Innovative all wheels drive along with torque vectoring feature enables highly efficient driving dynamics with the best possible active safety. So, you can drive each wheel separately depending on changing road conditions.

The possibility of driving front and rear axles simultaneously or in opposite direction allows this car to move sideways by approx 30 degrees. So, you can say that it can do a crab movement.

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