Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR Is Here & Its Really Kickass

Vision AVTR concept from Mercedes Benz Do you remember the AVATAR movie from 2009? We are very sure everyone remembers it. The stunning screenplay with beautiful animation that truly takes this movie to the age. …

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

Vision AVTR concept from Mercedes Benz

Do you remember the AVATAR movie from 2009? We are very sure everyone remembers it. The stunning screenplay with beautiful animation that truly takes this movie to the age. Now Mercedes Benz recently unveiled Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR. It is the concept car that takes inspiration from the AVATAR movie.

Vision AVTR
Vision AVTR

First of all, AVTR in the case of Mercedes Benz stands for Advance Vehicle Transformation. This concept vehicle truly highlights the vision of Mercedes Benz designers, engineers and trend researchers for future mobility.

No emission with full confidence: Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR.

The Dynamic Luxury saloon has efficient and high-performance electric motors that sit closely with the wheels. The combined power of all the motors equates to 350kW. This gives Vision AVTR immense agility. So, actually it’s a new benchmark for EQ power.

Furthermore, The highly intelligent and fully variable torque distribution takes vision AVTR’s driving dynamics to the next level. This distribution also manages the power of all four motors very well, leading to more efficiency.

In addition, Innovative all wheels drive along with torque vectoring feature enables highly efficient driving dynamics with the best possible active safety. So, you can drive each wheel separately depending on changing road conditions.

The possibility of driving front and rear axles simultaneously or in opposite direction allows this car to move sideways by approx 30 degrees. So, you can say that it can do a crab movement.

Organic battery with exceptional fast charging

The Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR has compact and powerful high voltage battery. For the first time, the battery technology has a base of Graphene-based organic cell chemistry. So, it completely eliminates the use of rare, expensive, and toxic metals. Furthermore, this battery is one hundred percent recyclable. Hence, it completely complies with a future circular economy. The credit goes to the materials this battery uses and its design.

In addition, the battery has an exceptionally high battery density when you compare it to today’s battery system. The fully automatic conductive charging can charge this battery in less than fifteen minutes. The battery has a capacity of 110kWh. Thus, it enables the range of 700 km in one charge. The battery can charge on the go with regenerative braking technology.

Efficiency to the fullest: Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

The Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR performs to the fullest on the efficiency. In today’s world, efficiency matters. The AVTR comes with neuromorphic hardware. This hardware promises to reduce the energy consumption of sensors, chips, and other computation hardware.

Furthermore, These electronics hardwares work on the cached current by solar panels that integrate into the back of the AVTR. The 33 multi-directional movable surface elements act as a bionic flaps.

Vision AVTR Rear View
Vision AVTR Rear View

Exterior and Interior merger.

The Mercedes Benz vision AVTR has a completely new design approach. The new approach combines the design disciplines of Exterior, Interior and UX from the first sketch. The human perception is the starting point of the design process. In addition, it also focuses on the experience of the passengers.

Furthermore, the goal here is to prolong the perception of passengers. So, its nothing but creating immersive experience space. Here, passengers connect with each other with the vehicle and its surroundings in a very unique way.

Vision AVTR Top View
Vision AVTR Top View

Sustainable Materials and intuitive control

The large area of the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR uses color-changing fabric. Depending on the light the fabric changes its color from dark blue to light blue. The microfiber in the fabric guarantees environmental sustainability throughout its production cycle. It also guarantees sleep resistance to passengers. The softness of the fiber also gives a welcome feeling to the occupants.

Furthermore, the Vision AVTR responds to the approach of the passenger by digital neurons running through the vehicle. The interaction starts when the user places his hand on the center console, the interior comes to life. Thus, the car establishes a biometric connection with the driver.

Immersive experiences and sustainability

The curve display module blends the outside world to the inside. The display shows the outside world and the surrounding area in real-time 3D graphics. These detailed real-time images allow passengers to discover & interact with their surroundings in a natural way. It also shows some invisible forces in nature such as UV light, bio-energy, and magnetic fields.

Furthermore, Mercedes Benz’s vision AVTR is a new brand that shows how a vehicle can blend into the environment harmoniously and communicate with it. The ultimate luxury is nothing but the fusion of humans and nature with the help of technology. Hence, Vision AVTR could be a new benchmark in the field of sustainable design.

Watch Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR in action:

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