Mercedes Benz eScooter

Mercedes Benz eScooter: What you need to know

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The smart eScooter from Micro & Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz, the germen automotive manufacturer, is working on electromobility. The company now has a wide range of electric vehicles in its EQ family. Now, it's time to take things further. The company introduced the Mercedes Benz eScooter for the last mile of sustainable mobility.

Benz eScooter easy folding
Benz eScooter easy folding

Furthermore, the eScooter is a collaborative effort between Micro-Mobility AG and Mercedes Benz. Both companies stand for the highest quality standards. The product has a sophisticated design with a high level of ergonomics. Besides, it offers the highest durability possible.

In addition, the graceful e-scooter also comes with Micro and Mercedes co-branding on handlebars. Therefore, it appeals to those who prefer aesthetics. It stands out from the crowd for the last mile journeys. This product is well thought out in every detail, from ergonomics to ride quality. So, you can easily rely on its quality as a whole.


Furthermore, the design theme of the Mercedes Benz eScooter highly compliments with Mercedes Benz EQ family. The sheer design and performance fulfill the demand for flexible and sustainable mobility solutions. Additionally, this scooter has a very intuitive folding mechanism. You can operate this mechanism with just a press of the foot. You can fold down the handlebars for easy transportation. Thus, you can keep your eScooter in a car or an SUV. You can use it as your companion wherever you go. Besides, it can fit in any trunk, and you can carry it on public transport.

Benz eScooter
Benz eScooter

Additionally, the eScooter also comes with front and rear suspension. It also features front and rear lights. So, you can travel comfortably during the night also. The accelerator is on the right side, while the brake is on the left. The eScooter also comes with an integrated bell. Furthermore, the eScooter features a foot brake on a protective plate. It has rear drum brakes. The side reflectors improve visibility at night for additional safety. Furthermore, the display at the center shows speed, riding mode, and battery level.


The use of high-quality components in the Mercedes Benz eScooter brings an extended range of 5000 km. So, everything here is all about longevity and reliability. The scooter weighs just about 13.5kg. So, it's effortless to handle and carry. Its lightweight brings immense flexibility.

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