Mercedes Benz EQ ready app

Mercedes Benz EQ Ready App: Ready to go electric?

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MB EQ Ready App: What you need to know

Mercedes Benz, the world's oldest luxury carmaker, came up with an App, that helps you to decide about shifting to EVs. The Mercedes Benz EQ Ready app allows you to determine the practicality of using EV's in daily life.

EQ ready app
EQ Ready app

Furthermore, these days you come across many electric vehicles but unable to decide whether these are practical or not. Even you think about buying one, but again you move back. It looks like people get confused and unable to make decisions. So, the Mercedes Benz app fills this gap and helps you to decide whether you can go ahead or not.

Since the launch of the app, it has been used 1.6 million times. This app helps drivers to decide about switching to electric vehicles irrespective of their current vehicle.

First of all, electric vehicles are much suitable for daily commutes than most people think. They are efficient and environment friendly. This app is available in thirty countries worldwide. This app also finds out about charging infrastructure and its availability in numerous markets.

The app is a key step towards electric mobility turnaround for its users.

Sabine Scheunert, Vice President Digital and IT Mercedes Benz Cars.

The 7-day challenge Mercedes Benz EQ Ready

As the user starts the Mercedes Benz EQ Ready app, the seven-day challenge starts. This seven-day challenge analyzes user's daily routes with the driver's explicit consent. In the end, the app uses individual mobility behavior for analysis. Then it decides whether a hybrid or fully electric vehicle from Mercedes Benz is suitable for the user.

Furthermore, during the seven-day challenge, the app shows new information every day regarding journeys and all aspects of electric mobility. Besides, the app also calculates the energy requirement and individual consumption of the user. The app uses data from traffic data providers to analyze energy consumption. It also takes into consideration the resulting speed profiles.

EQ ready app Interface
EQ Ready app Interface

User Analysis and Mercedes Benz EQ Ready app

The app also displays all available charging options along the route. The app has anonymous data of 1.6 million user journeys around the world. After analyzing this data, it is clear that 90% of the trips are shorter than 50 kilometers. The data also shows that 96% of the trips are less than 100 kilometers.

The average distance per journey of the user varies from market to market. The data analysis also shows encouraging results. You can cover almost 90% of the trips using electric power with Mercedes Benz current plug-in hybrid models.

Furthermore, the Mercedes Benz EQ Ready app shows the user destination is reachable on an electric drive or not. It also consistently shows every day the power requirement and available charging infrastructure on the way. The app also allows users to simulate charging times on different charging options.

In conclusion, the Mercedes Benz EQ Ready app is already helping people worldwide identify charging stations. Users can now use the app to test the compatible EQ Power models before even test driving them. We are very sure it's an essential step before entering into the EQ world.

Watch EQ Ready App in action

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