e-active body control

E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL By Mercedes Benz Explained

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E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension system by Mercedes Benz

The world's best Luxury automaker recently unveiled, intelligent suspension system. The E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL is a modern suspension system that combines air and hydraulic suspension technologies.

e-active body control working
e-active body control working

Furthermore, currently, this is the only suspension system that can control individual spring and damping forces on each wheel. The suspension also controls suppressing rolling, pitching, and lifting movements.

In addition, E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL also has a road surface scan and curve inclination function that delivers an unbeatable level of comfort. We can definitely say that it is one of the most intelligent suspension systems in the world.


The e-active body control is an ongoing development since 1999. The active body control has a clear focus on improving suspension on the individual wheel. So, it ultimately improves ride comfort and vehicle dynamics. The surface scan introduced in the system in 2013.

Furthermore, the development of E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL is totally inhouse. It requires 48V operating voltage. AIRMATIC air suspension system is the base of this suspension system. Hence, it provides an all-round level of control. It keeps the vehicle level constant, no matter what. So, you can increase or decrease the level of the vehicle. As a result, you can increase the ground clearance.

In addition, the hydro-pneumatics in the system generate dynamic forces that overlay forces generated by air suspension. The E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL actively supports and dampens the vehicle body as and when needed. This support and damping are particularly helpful on uneven roads. During braking and acceleration, the vehicle body maintains its level irrespective of various forces acting on it.

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