F 015

Here is what you need to know about Merc F 015 Luxury in Motion

Self-driving concept vehicle by Mercedes Benz

Obtains power from fuel cell

While so many people around the world are yet to familiarise themselves with the technology of autonomous vehicles, Mercedes Benz has expanded the definition of these vehicles into something, no one has imagined before. Mercedes ultimately wants to develop these vehicles into an independent luxurious envelope carrying passengers safely to the destination. The prototype which hints to this next generation transport is F 015 Luxury in Motion.

Powerhouse of F 015:

A fuel cell lies at the heart of F 015. This vehicle can cover a distance of 900 kms with the help of electricity obtained from the fuel cell. The batteries fitted on F015 provide an additional range of 200kms. Thus a total distance of 1100kms could be travelled in one go.

Interiors of F 015:

Interiors of F015
Car Interiors or Waiting lounge? (Courtesy: Mercedes Benz)


Ever wondered how comfortable the journey would be if you could have a sitting arrangement just like your living room in your car? Yes…this is it in F 015! The front two seats of this vehicle can completely turn towards rear thus turning the vehicle interiors into a conference room. The passengers can enjoy the time as the vehicle drives on its own. To add further to the comfort of passengers, six HD screens have been fitted on the inner sides of rear door panels and instrument cluster providing endless possibilities of entertainment and two-way communication between the vehicle and passengers.

Safety features:

Pedestrian detection F015
How F 015 detects a pedestrian(Courtesy: Mercedes Benz)

F 015 takes vehicle safety to new heights by incorporating some of the excellent safety features. One such feature is the recognition of the pedestrians on road. The vehicle stops automatically as it recognises the people crossing the street at the zebra crossing. The previous motion is attained again as the pedestrians pass in front of the vehicle.

While braking, F 015 gives out an audio signal in addition to the bright warning light that displays a message ‘STOP’ and enhances the safety.

Safety F015
Safety feature on F015 (Courtesy: Mercedes Benz)

Even though Mercedes Benz has not disclosed all the details of this vehicle, a quick look at the above mentioned features endorses the fact that this vehicle is a vehicle of future in true sense!

See F 015 in action:

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