Maruti Suzuki opens first NEXA showroom

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For so many years now, Maruti Suzuki has been ‘the common man’s brand’! The manufacturer has achieved a phenomenal success by making the affordable yet good quality cars for the masses in India. But now, with a rapid increase in the average consumer spending in India, people tend to prefer luxury products over the affordable ones. A similar pattern is observed in the auto industry as well.

To cope with the changing market trend, Maruti Suzuki is determined to attract the premium buyers and NEXA showroom is the first step towards it! NEXA showroom will sell only those Maruti Suzuki models which are priced above Rs. 8 Lakhs. At present, only Ciaz sedan is available for sale in these showrooms and the upcoming compact SUV ‘S Cross’ will join the league soon!

The models sold through NEXA showroom will bear only the SUZUKI logo instead of the usual MARUTI SUZUKI badge. The location of these showrooms is also very carefully chosen so as to attract the rich class in the society. First NEXA showroom has been recently opened in Dwarka, New Delhi. The manufacturer has planned to open 100 more such showrooms throughout the country by the end of this financial year.

To enrich the customer experience and to give a personal touch, NEXA showroom will provide a customer relationship manager for each customer who will look after all the vehicle related services that the customer wishes to avail.

The plan of NEXA had been devised five years ago is now being put in place very seriously.

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