Verito electric

Mahindra Verito Electric or E-Verito

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First indigenous four door sedan to come on road…!

Price range (Expected): Rs. 9 to 11 Lakhs

While Indian government is taking some serious steps to curb the rising air pollution in the country, a reputed & responsible vehicle manufacturer in India- Mahindra & Mahindra has also put a step forward to take its share! Mahindra is all set to launch the electric version of its popular sedan Verito. If everything works as per plan, Verito electric would be the first ‘Made in India’ electric sedan that will run on Indian roads.

Verito electric powertrain:

Being an electric vehicle, E-Verito will be powered by a powerful electric motor of 29kW capacity which will obtain electricity from Lithium ion batteries. In all, this architecture would be able to generate power of 39bhp. The claimed top speed of this vehicle is 85kmph. Once charged fully, it can cover a distance of 100kms.

More information about the working of an electric vehicle could be obtained from:

Verito electric launch:

As per the information received from our sources, Mahindra will launch the E-Verito by last week of January or first week of February 2016.

With the recent ban on the sales of Diesel vehicles in country’s capital Delhi and introduction of schemes like FAME (Fast Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles), it seems that Verito electric will get very good response from the Indian auto-market!

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