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Mahindra TUV300 Unveiled

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Mahindra’s Small SUV codenamed U301 is renamed as Mahindra TUV300:

Mahindra has revealed the name of its all-new compact SUV to be ‘TUV300’. Following Mahindra’s uncanny knack of naming its models ending with an ‘O’, the TUV300 will be pronounced as ‘TUV Three-O-O’ just like its sibling - the ‘XUV Five-O-O’. According to Mahindra’s nomenclature, the ‘T’ in TUV300 stands for ‘TOUGH’; which indicates the tough & stylish SUV design. The numeric ‘300’ represents the series name.

TUV300 design
TUV300 design

The TUV300 is restricted to sub-4 metre in length. The designing and engineering of the TUV300 has been done in-house with the help from the Italian car design firm Pininfarnia. The TUV300’s design is inspired by a battle-tank as claimed by Mahindra. Mahindra has also released the drawing board sketches to display how its designers created illustrations of the TUV300 form a battle tank.

TUV300 inspiration
TUV300 inspiration

The TUV300 is based on the Bolero, which will still continue to sell. The Mahindra TUV300 will feature raised shoulders, high front nose, flat roof, high ground clearance, small overhangs, and straight bonnet and many more features. Although, its platform is designed to host a 4WD system; the TUV300 will not come with four-wheel drive option at least for now.

TUV300 design
TUV300 design

TUV300 is based on light-weight ladder-frame chassis. The TUV300 will be powered by the mHawk80 engine, possibly delivering about 80Bhp power. Mahindra will treat the TUV300 as a global product and the company will explore the overseas market where it could be exported in future. The SUV is speculated to be launched in India in September 2015.

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