Mahindra Stinger Convertible SUV

Mahindra Stinger: The Concept SUV Unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo…!

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Mahindra Stinger Concept SUV launched at the 2018 Auto Expo:

Mahindra is the leading Utility Vehicle manufacturer in India. The company offers SUVs and MPVs in all price segments ranging from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh. The manufacturer is launching new concepts and vehicles at Asia’s biggest Auto Show. It is the 2018 edition of the New Delhi Auto Expo. Mahindra unveiled Mahindra Stinger concept on 7th Feb at the Auto Expo.

Mahindra Stinger: The Convertible SUV

This year's launches include Mahindra’s two new concept SUVs which it unveiled at the Auto Expo 2018. One of the latest entrant to this list is Mahindra Stinger concept. Mahindra Stinger is a convertible SUV which is based on the Mahindra TUV300 platform. According to the company, it is the first ever convertible SUV designed in India. Mahindra's engineers designed the convertible SUV in-house. The Stinger carries Mahindra's theme of 'Live Young Live Free' and has stunning design and character lines. However, Mahindra will launch the car after one and a half year from now.

Mahindra Rexton G4: Mahindra's Premium SUV product

Another SUV Mahindra also unveiled at the Auto Expo was a High-end Luxurious vehicle. Incidentally, it was the rebadged next-generation Ssangyong Rexton G4. It is a premium car in the Sports Utility Vehicle segment. However, Mahindra will launch the G4 under Mahindra brand instead of the Ssangyong brand. So, the new avatar of the G4 Rexton features signature Mahindra grill at the front. Additionally, the new luxury SUV will have better build quality and more premium features.

Furthermore, Mahindra recently released a new teaser video of the SUV. It gave us an idea of some of its key features that were to be exhibited at the 2018 Auto Expo. However, the new-gen SsangYong Rexton will now be re-badged as a Mahindra Rexton G4 in India. So, Mahindra will launch the Rexton G4 in 2018. And, it could ultimately become company's flagship model in India.

Besides the two SUVs, Mahindra also unveiled an electric KUV-100 and E2O Next cars at the Expo. Some electric concepts and future mobility solutions were also on the display as well. If you just missed the live event, then you can watch it again here.

Images and Video: Kind courtesy Mahindra and 2018 Auto Expo, India.

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