Mahindra electric mobility solution (Courtesy: Mahindra)

Electric mobility solutions By Mahindra at 2018 Auto Expo.

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Mahindra electric mobility solutions showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo:

Mahindra is India’s leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer which is exploring the possibility of personalized/shared electric mobility solutions. The company is also planning to manufacture and supply electric car parts from its electric division.

Mahindra future mobility solutions (Courtesy: Mahindra)

In future, Mahindra Electric will offer more than just electric vehicles for its consumers. Mahindra is working on electric mobility solutions that will stand on three pillars which will offer clean, connected and convenient mobility. Mahindra’s entire range of e-mobility products is based on the theme that is ‘Objects of Desire’ and ‘Objects of Mobility’.

Mahindra e-Mobility Pod UDO:

This year Mahindra unveiled two new unique EV concepts at the Auto Expo 2018. One of them is Mahindra UDO. UDO stands for ‘Unique Driving Object’. According to Mahindra, it’s neither a motorcycle nor a car. Mahindra UDO is a 'compact two-seater electric mobility pod' that offers urban last mile connectivity. Even, the riders do not need to balance it with their feet.

UDO can be peddled just like a bicycle. Peddling has two goals which are exercising and charging the battery. Thus, you can peddle it to work out. Simultaneously, you can charge the battery on the go while traveling. By doing so, you can increase its range and at the same time, gain fitness as well. Mahindra claims UDO will provide the last mile personal connectivity option for the urban commuters.

UDO has a closed body structure which can protect the occupants from pollution, noise and bad weather. It runs on a battery which doesn’t add to the pollution. So, it's clean. You can control its functions thru’ your mobile phone. And thus, it is connected too. Since UDO is compact, it can navigate easily thru’ the narrow by-lanes of congested cities. Besides, the pod could have a micro Air-conditioner which is an urban must. Thus, UDO also offers convenience to its users.

Mahindra electric mass mobility concept: ATOM

Furthermore, another e-mobility concept Mahindra unveiled at the Auto Expo which was a mass-mobility vehicle or an e-taxi. Mahindra claims that ATOM will provide the last mile shared connectivity that is missing in the urban transport. In addition, ATOM could also be used as a personal vehicle which could be equipped with an air-conditioner. Thus, Mahindra ATOM fulfills the aspirations of the urban consumers in the right way.

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