Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV: Ultimate virtual racer

Endurance at its core: Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV The Jaguar is a British multinational car manufacturer having its headquarters in Coventry, England. The company recently unveiled the virtual race car Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo …

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV

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Endurance at its core: Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV

The Jaguar is a British multinational car manufacturer having its headquarters in Coventry, England. The company recently unveiled the virtual race car Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV.

Gran Turismo SV
Gran Turismo SV

Furthermore, they have created a real-world scale model of this virtual racing car as a design study. First of all, the Jaguar vision GT coupe is the first all-electric sports car specifically created for the Gran Turismo game. You can say that it is just the starting point for the more modern vision GT SV.

Also, GT SV gave a new opportunity to rethink everything. The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo coupe is a proven race car. It is highly successful and attracts lots of gamers around the world. The inspirational design, excellent ride handling, and interior have a complete focus on the driver. These characters make this car gamer’s choice.

Besides, it’s not easy to design a virtual car for such a brand with heritage. It needs passion and patience. The design process involves the car’s detailed study via forums and gamer’s feedback in online videos. Virtual testing also plays a crucial role in designing such a car. The countless hours behind the wheel enables easy optimization strategies.

The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV is visually appealing and substantially dramatic. It shows what could be possible when we remove traditional boundaries while designing the car.

Julian Thomson, Design Director, Jaguar.

Engineering at its best

Real engineering plays a key role irrespective of the virtual or real world. It needs the same level of knowledge to design a car in the completely virtual world. The lightweight composite body structure is aerodynamic. Hence, it gives max performance all the time.

Gran Turismo SV rear view
Gran Turismo SV rear view

Furthermore, Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV houses four electric motors that provide a combined power output of 1903Ps (1400kW). These motors also create instant torque of 3360Nm. The dynamic all-wheel-drive, along with torque vectoring, provides unbelievable performance. You can accelerate in 0 – 60 mph in just 1.65 seconds. The car can achieve a max speed of 255mph. Simply put, the real exciting gaming experience is only possible due to the engineering team.

Besides, the thermal management system assures stable performance in long and strenuous endurance runs. It also allows motors to cope with extreme acceleration levels in the virtual endurance race. The additional liquid nitrogen circuit around the battery assures uniform cooling and peak performance.

Each motor also features a single-speed transmission of its own. As a result, you get robust performance and a high torque rating. The single motor on every wheel provides potentially unlimited control over lateral and longitudinal torque distribution. Hence, you get better agility, traction, and control.

The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV design

The GT SV also features elegant silhouettes and fenders. The GT SV is 861mm longer than its predecessors. This is mainly due to aerodynamics. The all-new front splitter and deployable rear wing provide the necessary downforce while cornering in speed. Hence, faster cornering and an increase in high-speed stability of the car.

The increase in downforce while minimizing drag is a real challenge. The team took the challenge and developed a full suite of features that work together. The front valance channels air across the tire, reducing the unsteady movement of air on the tires. So, air flows freely through the tire towards the rear end of the car via exit vents. This free flow movement reduces resistance and improves aerodynamics.

Also, the keel element just behind the front axle provides high-speed stability. It also increases the airflow minimizing its pressure. So, it reduces lift and provides necessary downforce wherever needed.

The easily deployable rear wing is an engineering marvel. The wing gets lots of iteration during the design process. The wing’s main section wraps around the back of the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV. You can say that it easily blends into the rear of the car.

The wing acts as part of the bodywork. Interestingly, the wing is nothing but two movable sections that rise when you take the speed providing downforce. At slow speed, these fall back to original positions minimizing drag. So, it gives much-needed endurance level performance as and when needed. The GT SV has a drag coefficient of Cd 0.398.

The Driving Experience

The power train and all-wheel-drive system give unbelievable feedback on the go. The four electric motors work hand in hand to give high performance at any time. The powerful and distinctive sound is authentically Jaguar.

Besides, the smooth sweeping surfaces inside the car cover the driver and keep the driver focus on the instrument cluster. The absolute precision and beauty while crafting materials give an immersive experience. The TYPEFIBRE fabric covers the seat. It’s a new type of fabric that is more light in weight than leather. This type of material also provides longevity and durability.

Image Courtesy: Jaguar

Watch Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV in action:

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