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INEOS Grenadier: The no-nonsense 4 by 4 is here

Grenadier a purposeful SUV for true adventurers INEOS is a global company that is currently having a presence in manufacturing, chemicals, and sports. Its INEOS Grenadier is a new four by four from the group. …

INEOS Grenadier

Grenadier a purposeful SUV for true adventurers

INEOS is a global company that is currently having a presence in manufacturing, chemicals, and sports. Its INEOS Grenadier is a new four by four from the group. The SUV marks the company’s entry into the field of automotive industry.


The company is building a brand new sports utility vehicle that will be a genuinely world-class 4*4. Here, the focus is just on performance rather than style. It will achieve this by taking the design clues from classic four by fours.

Furthermore, the classic four by fours had rugged performance and durability. However, Ineos Grenadier will have a box-section ladder frame, permanent four-wheel drive, and beam axles. The design is boxy in shape. Besides, it has fewer styling elements when we compare it to current-generation designs.

Besides, INEOS focuses on three major must-have characters of the four-by-four SUVs, which are capability, durability, and utility. The Grenadier will be robust and built by the world’s renowned engineers. The company will be using only the best components for the job.

It is more of a working tool. Every function here speaks about form. It will have far more capabilities. The Grenadier will always be ready for the punishment you give, irrespective of the terrain. Harsh environments are home for Grenadier.

The Exterior Design

When you design something from scratch, focus matters the most. The designers of Grenadier have evident focus while designing this vehicle. They focus on utility at its core, and this is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Besides, the Ineos Grenadier design team has a design philosophy of function over form every time. This off-roader will have capability far more significant than its counterparts. The team here is more concerned about its working than the styling. So, every decision is made based on practicality.

We head out to design the modern, highly capable, and functional four by four with utility at its core.

Designer, Toby Ecuyer.

The exteriors look like a classic SUV with a bold stance. The circular headlights remind us of the great era of four by four classics. At the rear, the doors are 70/30 split and can open independently. So, you can load or unload tools by opening a single door. You can also open both doors and have more access.

Furthermore, wheels have minimal overhang. So, you can have a perfect approach and departure angles for off-road performance. Ineos Grenadier will have more character with a boxy body and circular headlights along with exposed hinges.

Frames and Axles

The box section ladder-frame has great capability. It can tackle the toughest of the terrains. Besides, it is super strong, simple, rugged, and highly stable. Furthermore, Grenadier has a severe towing capability of 3.5 tones. The frame has high tensile strength with 4mm thickness. Hence, it can withstand a high level of stress. It also has an anti-corrosive coating that keeps the frame rust-free.

Furthermore, Grenadier features beam axles as they provide better ground clearance. They also have better load carrying capacity and articulation. They are straightforward in design and easy to fit and maintain. When we add suspension to this setup, it provides more comfort. You also get the best traction possible.

The Ineos Grenadier Suspension setup

Grenadier has multi-link suspension to tackle harsh terrains. It also has a separate coil and dampers. Hence, you get max traction at any point in time. The suspension set up has only two velocity joints. So, it has fewer moving parts with less wear and tear.

Furthermore, separate coils and dampers are easier to maintain. The suspension has long-travel coils for a smooth ride. The pan-hard rod avoids the lateral movement of the axle. Hence, the axle moves only in a vertical direction. The polyurethane bump stop on the suspension gives extra support during intense load and stress.

The Engine and Transmission

Ineos Grenadier features BMW three-litre six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. This engine delivers smooth power and has an abundance of torque. It has some power in reserve as well. So, you can use it when needed.

Furthermore, Ineos tuned the engine in such a way that it will flatten the torque curve from low revs. So, it will deliver consistent performance and tackle any obstacle more easily.

Grenadier has an automatic transmission. So, it will be helpful for trained as well as less experienced drivers. This transmission avoids stalling and helps you focus on your job.

The transmission also has a torque converter that gives a distributed drive. The eight-speed ZF gearbox is switchable from automatic to manual mode. So, the unskilled driver can take control of the vehicle. The two-speed transfer case helps to select gear ratios manually. It merely gives greater control over rough terrains.

In conclusion, INEOS Grenadier will change the way how we look at four by fours entirely. It will continue the legacy of classic four by fours into the future.

Image Courtesy: Ineos

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