INEOS Grenadier

INEOS Grenadier: The no-nonsense 4 by 4 is here

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Grenadier a purposeful SUV for true adventurers

INEOS is a global company that is currently having a presence in manufacturing, chemicals, and sports. Its INEOS Grenadier is a new four by four from the group. The SUV marks the company's entry into the field of automotive industry.


The company is building a brand new sports utility vehicle that will be a genuinely world-class 4*4. Here, the focus is just on performance rather than style. It will achieve this by taking the design clues from classic four by fours.

Furthermore, the classic four by fours had rugged performance and durability. However, Ineos Grenadier will have a box-section ladder frame, permanent four-wheel drive, and beam axles. The design is boxy in shape. Besides, it has fewer styling elements when we compare it to current-generation designs.

Besides, INEOS focuses on three major must-have characters of the four-by-four SUVs, which are capability, durability, and utility. The Grenadier will be robust and built by the world's renowned engineers. The company will be using only the best components for the job.

It is more of a working tool. Every function here speaks about form. It will have far more capabilities. The Grenadier will always be ready for the punishment you give, irrespective of the terrain. Harsh environments are home for Grenadier.

The Exterior Design

When you design something from scratch, focus matters the most. The designers of Grenadier have evident focus while designing this vehicle. They focus on utility at its core, and this is what sets them apart from their competitors.

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