India’s Top-10 Car Brands in FY 2014-15

India’s Top-10 Car Brands in FY 2014-15

FY 2014-15 Sets All New Order For The Indian Automotive Industry:

India's Top-10 Car Brands by sales volume in FY 2014-15 has thrown surprises. The financial year 2014-15 (April-March) ended with a mix bag of results for the automotive manufacturers. There are some gainers & some losers. We have compiled a list of automobile companies which made it to the top-10 rankings in 2014-15.

India's Top-10 Car Brands in 2014-15: The Top-3

The market leader Maruti Suzuki had a successful FY 2014-15 and retained its top position by clocking the sale of 11,70,702 cars in the year (April-March period) with a steady grown of 11%. Maruti Suzuki is followed by Hyundai at No.2 position with 4,20,668 units and growth rate of over 10%. Manindra, which is the only Indian company to make it to top-5, maintained its no.3 position with 2,01,129 units. However, its sales declined by over 12% from last year’s tally.

Passenger Cars Sales - India's Top-10 Car Brands / Rankings in FY 2014-15  
SL. Brand FY 2014 FY 2015 Difference Percent  
1 Maruti Suzuki 1,053,689 1,170,702 117,013 11.11% Green-Arrow-01
2 Hyundai 380,253 420,668 40,415 10.63% Green-Arrow-01
3 Mahindra 229,155 201,129 -28,026 -12.23%  Amber-Arrow-01
4 Honda 134,417 189,062 54,645 40.65%  Green-Arrow-01
5 Toyota 128,811 141,347 12,536 9.73%  Green-Arrow-01
6 Tata Motors 138,417 134,080 -4,337 -3.13%  Amber-Arrow-01
7 Ford 84,469 75,155 -9,314 -11.03%  Amber-Arrow-01
8 General Motors 80,890 52,273 -28,617 -35.38%  Amber-Arrow-01
9 Nissan 38,220 47,474 9,254 24.21% Green-Arrow-01
10 VW 52,528 45,018 -7,510 -14.30% Amber-Arrow-01

Source: TOI / SIAM, and other websites

India's Top-10 Car Brands in 2014-15: The Gainers

India's Top-10 Car Brands - Honda the biggest gainer
India's Top-10 Car Brands - Honda the biggest gainer

The biggest gainer in the list is Honda Cars India (HCIL) which climbed to the no.4 spot by selling 1,89,062 units and its sales grew at over whopping 40% compared to last year. Honda India saw growth because of its decision to introduce the product line up with diesel engines such as Honda Amaze & Honda New City pushed up the sale. Toyota India; which saw a growth of 9.73% in 2014-15, overtook home-grown Tata Motors to break into the Top-5 most selling car brands in India. Nissan, which stood at no.9; also did impressively well and got 24% increased sales due to success of its SUV Terrano.

India's Top-10 Car Brands in 2014-15: The Losers

India’s most valued brand Tata Motors which is struggling to get its glory back, slipped further down to 6th place. Tata Motors, however, managed to cross the last year’s tally by just above 3% and registered an almost flat growth. Ford India also saw poor demand, with the company registering an 11% decline in sales numbers. On the other hand, the Volkswagen group had a 'not-so-good' FY 2014-15. While VW made it to top-10 list, albeit with a decline of over 14% in its sales compared to last year. The biggest loser, however, turned out to be the General Motors. Although GM made it to top-10, its sales declined by over 35% from last year.

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