What is iDSI system by Honda Cars?

iDSI System

What is the iDSI system by Honda?

The term iDSI stands for the Intelligent-Dual Sequential Ignition system. Honda developed this system to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

For – Improved combustion & better fuel efficiency. By – Honda

The term iDSI stands for ‘Intelligent -Dual Sequential Ignition’ system. It is a type of ignition system designed & developed by Honda for its petrol engine cars. The i-DSI system consists of two spark plugs, instead of one in a conventional design, for each engine cylinder.

However, Honda engineers placed them diagonally opposed to each other at the top of each cylinder. Furthermore, the system directly controls each spark plug for independent ignition timing through eight separate ignition coils.

iDSI - Intelligent-Dual Sequential Ignition
iDSI – Intelligent-Dual Sequential Ignition system diagram

How does the i-DSI System work?

Furthermore, the i-DSI system creates two separate sparks at a different time in the combustion process. The first spark ignites the air-fuel mixture, just like the conventional ignition. However, the second spark fires slightly later and ignites any remaining fuel in the cylinder. The iDSI system also comprises the swirl port which helps to optimize the air-fuel mixture.

Benefits of the i-DSI technology:

In conclusion, this technology helps the engine to maximize fuel efficiency. In addition, it also achieves lower levels of exhaust emissions. Thus, Honda i-DSI petrol engines are designed to deliver better fuel efficiency over performance.

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