Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai Santa Cruz: What you need to know

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Sports-Adventure Vehicle Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai motor company soon be launching a segment shattering vehicle - Hyundai Santa Cruz. In addition, the company is creating an entirely new segment called Sports-Adventure Vehicle. This segment will shatter SUV and truck segments while creating an entirely new vehicle category.

Santa Cruz DRL
Santa Cruz DRL

Furthermore, the open bed configuration will create flexibility and utility. Such a configuration is use full for carrying diverse gears for any adventure. This multi-utility vehicle will create its own footprint. Hyundai Santa Cruz will stand apart with its superior maneuverability. In addition, sophisticated design and powerful power trains give great driving pleasure in urban or adventures terrains. The close cabin security and the open bed configuration will satisfy the demands of adventure vehicle buyers.


First of all, Santa Cruz is a sports adventure vehicle. Consumer research shows people need vehicles that can accommodate urban and adventure environments. People living in urban areas want to escape on weekends to any adventure. So, they need to carry various types of adventure gear. Hence, an open bed will satisfy such a need.

In addition, the open bed setup is also helpful to carry any gear in urban environments. The Santa Cruz features an open bed area that includes a lockable tonneau cover. It also includes hidden bed storage. Thus, people can carry occupational or work gear. People still want the security of SUVs, passenger space, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Here the Santa Cruz has all the ticks. Additionally, it also meets expectations of parking ease. All in all, it's a great package for adventure-seeking individuals.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Exteriors.

The most noticeable feature in the front of Santa Cruz is the hidden lighting signature. This lighting signature is visible only when illuminated. These are nothing but DRL's. The DRL's feature parametric jewel design. All new cascading grille with skid plate element in the lower side creates a bold styling.

Furthermore, the A and C pillars show faster forward and rearward rakes than any ordinary pickup. The 20-inch alloy wheels with a triangular design resonate with off-road potential. The bodyside volumes, along with triangular surfaces, create their own character.

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