Honda SUV econcept

Honda SUV e:concept: What you need to know

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Honda unveiled Honda SUV e:concept

The Japanese car manufacturer Honda motor company unveiled the Honda SUV e:concept. The company revealed its future electric SUV at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. It is a concept model that outlines the future of mass-produced electric vehicles at Honda.

Honda SUV e:concept side view
Honda SUV e:concept side view

Furthermore, the company is freshly introducing a new design language for its electric line up. So far, we haven't seen much from the design perspective at Honda. Specifically, when it comes to electric vehicles, the design is the most critical part. Aerodynamics plays a vital role in an electric vehicle. The aerodynamic drag determines the overall performance of the electric cars.


Honda completely changes the way the Honda car looks from this model. The raised and long hood and the extremely thin headlight and tail lights are new when it comes to Honda. Even Honda SUV e:concept is not at all closer to Honda's Urban EV concept.

Furthermore, the overstate wheels mark the overall presence on the road. The premium shape and style are new to Honda. But it's undoubtedly fascinating to see such a drastic design change from the Honda.

Besides, this car will also bring the best of the new technologies. This SUV will feature Honda's omnidirectional ADAS - the next-generation Advance safety and Driver Assistance System.

The Honda SUV e:concept will also have an AI assistant interface and wireless update. The omnidirectional radar system will ensure more safety. It will have more peripheral vision than the current radar systems. Hence, the vehicle can handle more complex driving scenarios with the aid of this radar. So, a more directional sense will bring more safety. As a result, you will get a more accurate autonomous driving experience.

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