Honda smart charge

Honda smart charge: rewarding smart charging is here.

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What is Honda smart charge?

Honda is a Japanese automotive giant, manufacturing vehicles since 1948. The Japanese cars are known for precision engineering. Honda is in the electric vehicles and the company is showcasing breathtaking concepts like Honda urban EV. Now, they are into electric charging solutions like Honda smart charge which rewards its users.

Honda smart charge platform
Honda smart charge platform

Firstly, Honda smart charge is first of its kind charging solution which rewards the user for charging when the electricity demand is low. Honda smart charge is a unique program as it collaborates between the user preference and electric greed requirements. It helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the EVs. Besides, it also helps to reward the drivers for charging a car when the demand for the electricity is less and the availability of renewable energy is high.

How really Honda smart charge works?

Honda smart charge is a smart system as it also helps to reduce carbon footprint and rewards its users. In all the normal scenarios, the EV users tend to charge their vehicle when they are back home; mostly in the evenings. Evening periods are the high demand periods for electricity. So, they stress out the grid; causing blackouts or equipment failures. In this case, the EV’s add more stress to the grid. However, Honda smart charge addresses exactly the same problem and rewards its users.

The smart charge system uses the vehicle telematics and Juice Net software platform. The Honda smart charge system computes the exact time to charge. It takes into account the user’s need of charging, amount of renewable energy generated and CO2 emitted from power plants.

The dynamic allocation of timing takes into account the customer’s desired charging times and next time when he/she needs charging. The communication between the grid and EVs is possible due to cloud-to-cloud communication on the internet.

How Honda smart charge rewards its users?

This system can uniquely shift the EVs charging times and takes advantage of helping the grid achieve emission goals. The system also adjusts the time of charging and helps energy generators by utilizing power when the demand is less. Indirectly, adding efficiency in the power generation and avoids underutilization of grid. Hence, Honda earns payments from the utility partners and distributes that money to reward its users.

The users can participate in the reward program by simply downloading the HondaLink EV app and selecting the desired charging times. Then, the app algorithms combine the data from the grid's pricing signals with the user’s desired timing and provide optimum grid periods. Users then receive the charging notification on his/her smartphone.

In addition, you can track the progress of charging, CO2 saved and rewards earned on the go. So, you get rewarded for charging your vehicle. Indirectly, you also reduce the carbon footprint and help save the planet. In conclusion, Honda smart charge will bring enormous impact on society and we are very sure Honda will scale the program for the good.

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Watch Honda Smart Charge in action:

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