Honda India recalls more than 1.9 lakh cars

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The old generation Accord, CR-V, Jazz, Civic and City are affected, says Honda India

Takata Airbags cost again!

Honda India has announced a recall of more than 1.9 lakh vehicles across the country recently. This recall is voluntary and is announced to replace the faulty airbag inflator supplied by Takata Corporation. Globally, it is observed that these faulty inflators may not work during emergency. As a result, airbags to not inflate thereby posing a serious security threat. Vehicle manufacturers from all over the world have been suffering from the consequences of the faulty Takata airbags since last year. During the investigations, these bags were found to be defective. Since then, numerous recall activities have been carried out globally to rectify and replace the defective parts.

Honda india recall

Which vehicles are affected?

In a public announcement, Honda India has made it clear that some of the old generations of Accord, CR-V, Jazz, Civic and City need to be attended for this concern. The manufacturer will replace the faulty airbag inflators free of cost.

The following table gives the model-wise distribution of the affected vehicles:

(Courtesy: Honda Cars India Ltd.)

Vehicle Model Manufacturing Period No. of affected vehicles
Accord 2003-2011 22,483
CR-V 2009-2011 1,514
Civic 2007 2
2009-2011 13,603
City 2008-2011 1,37,270
Jazz 2009-2011 15,706

What should a customer do?

To help customers check the status of their vehicle, Honda India has provided a facility on its website. Users can insert the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of their vehicle and can check if vehicle needs corrective action.

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