Honda Cliq

Honda Cliq: The all new everyday scooter for everyone in India

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Honda Launches new scooter Honda Cliq at the price tag of 42,499/-

Honda two wheelers India announced the all new scooter Honda cliq. The cliq is specifically designed according to Indian buyer's needs. The Cliq also focuses on small villages and towns with its luggage carrying capacities. Similarly, it also suits Indian riding conditions, particularly the tyres and heavy duty architecture. So, it is more 'Indianised' with every aspect like luggage carrying capacity, comfort and utility.

Honda Cliq Features:

Honda utilized its HET Technology in its 110cc engine. The gear-less transmission removes the hassle of changing gears. The floor-board is also redesigned considering the comfort of the rider. And, it will be surely used by its customers as the space for luggage; the Indian way.

At the rear of the seat, there is additional carrier for carrying load which adds to utility for the user. You can also tie your luggage with rope as well. The seat is also long and wide in shape making the riding comfortable. The automatic headlamp on (AHO) feature also adds to the safety.

The viscous air filter is also maintenance free and can last up to 16,000 kms that reduce your maintenance cost. The battery is also maintenance free. The Combi-brake system helps to stop your scooter without locking the wheels.

The tyre is tubeless with block pattern helps smooth travel on any type of roads. The most important feature these days is a mobile charger. Mobile charger is present under the seat so you can charge it anywhere you want.

Honda Cliq Specifications:

Honda cliq is equipped with 110cc fan cooled, four stroke SI engine. It will generate 8HP of power and 8.94 NM of torque. The fuel tank capacity is 3.5 L enough for city commuting. The V-Matic transmission helps in traffic. The kerb weight of the scooter is 102kg.

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