Happy New Year 2015 from Team Crankit

Happy New Year 2015

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Happy New Year 2015 to Motorists:

Team CrankIT wishes a very safe & happy new year 2015 to all.

New Year brings New Challenges and new challenges bring out New Ideas! One such idea we are about to implement on our website is ‘CrankIT-MotoQuiz’! We operate any technology the way we know it. But do we do it correctly? Do people know exactly what a particular road-sign means? Unfortunately most people don’t.

Let us take an example of Motor vehicle rules. They are framed in such a way that a particular action of the driver / rider either is correct or incorrect. There is NO ‘third option’ or any ‘conditional’ application of the rule. Only then those rules make sense. Just by practising the correct methods / following the rules, maximum road-safety can be achieved for the drivers and other road users.

So, we are starting a new series of quizzes to help you understand about the dos and don’ts, correct and incorrect methods and what exactly the rule-book says etc. The intention of the quiz is to set your understanding about various subjects on right track and clear the doubts; if any. We are going to make these quizzes interactive so that you can participate in them. They will be held once a week and the correct answers would be published in the following week.

So, please stay tuned to this new ‘Crankitainment’ and also do participate actively.

We, the Crankit team, wish all the followers a very exciting and ‘Motortaining’ new year 2015!

Till then, Happy Cranking...!!!

Team CrankIT

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