Google Maps Two-Wheeler Mode Launched in India: A Boon For Riders..!

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Google Maps Two-Wheeler Mode feature on Google App:

Tech giant Google is now targeting the Indian two-wheeler market. It recently unveiled a new feature i.e. Google Maps Two-wheeler mode in India for its Android app. The company looks at India as a major source to tap new consumers. Google announced this feature at the ‘Google for India’ event. It added this feature to help the bikers in India find the most suitable route while traveling on a bike. The Google maps now show the new Two-wheeler mode alongside the other options such as by Foot, Car, and Train.

Google Maps Two-wheeler (Courtesy: Google)
Google Maps Two-wheeler (Courtesy: Google)

Google Maps two-wheeler will support the navigation which offers directions that mainly suit scooters and motorcycles. It recommends alternative routes for the two-wheelers. They include narrow alleys or 'gullies'. There are many routes in India that are not wide enough for cars. Hence, Google Maps does not recommend them as an option for car navigation. However, they may be suitable for the two-wheeler.

Google Maps Two-wheeler features:

Apart from the enhanced navigation, the new Google Map features Google Two-wheeler mode. It has customized routing and voice-guided navigation. Google added it to help the bikers in India in finding the most suitable route. It is the "India-First" feature by the Google Maps app.

Google believes that launching Google maps Two-Wheeler mode in India is a good move. This is because a large number of the country’s commuters travels on motorcycles.  On some highways in India, motorcycles are not allowed to travel on them. The new navigation will avoid those roads while navigating for scooters and bikes.

Google understands that India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world. In fact, Two-wheelers constitute almost 70 percent of all vehicles registered in India. That is why Google first launched the Two-wheeler map in India. Hence, Google is making the Google Two-wheeler mode available in India first before expanding this feature to other countries.

Before, the riders combined the walking and driving directions to choose a route for bikes. With the special two-wheeler mode, Google will use machine learning technology which will accurately predict the speed and routes of motorcycles.

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