Goodyear recharge concept

Goodyear Recharge Concept: Changing Tyre Now Easy

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Goodyear recharge self-renewing tyres are here

Goodyear is the American multinational company manufacturing tyres since 1898. The company has an exceptional innovation history. On the same line, the company recently unveiled the Goodyear recharge concept.

Goodyear recharge
Goodyear recharge

Furthermore, Goodyear year recharge is a self-regeneration concept tire. These tires can adapt to various mobility needs of their users. This tire has customized capsules that renew themselves.

Goodyear wants a tyre that is more powerful in addressing customers specific mobility needs.

Mike Rytokoski, Vice president & Chief Marketing Officer, Goodyear Europe.

In addition, the Goodyear recharge concept entirely depends on three pillars. The first pillar is personalization. Second is sustainability and last one is Hassle-free operation. These three pillars are important to address evolving customer needs. So, the company has a clear focus on these pillars while designing this concept.

Personalizing and Goodyear recharge concept

The Goodyear recharge has re-loadable and biodegradable tread compound. We can recharge this tread compound by individual capsules. This process radically transforms the process of replacing the tyre.

recharge capsule
recharge capsule

Furthermore, these capsules are filled with a customized liquid compound. These capsules allow the tread to regenerate. In addition, it also allows the tire to adapt to changing road and climatic conditions over time. In addition, The AI will create a driver profile and it will customize a liquid compound accordingly. Hence, every compound is customized according to individual needs.

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