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‘Ab ki baar’ which car? M&M / BMW

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Although the unsurpassed victory of Mr. Narendra Modi & his team in Indian general elections 2014 has put a full stop to all the political anxiety, it has given rise to a new interesting tug of war between the indigenous vehicle manufacturer M&M and traditional luxury makers BMW; as to who will provide vehicle for conveyance of India’s next prime minister.

Mahindra Scorpio, which is known for its performance, durability and muscular looks; has always been the ‘vehicle of choice’ for ‘tough minded people’ and its user group extends from professionals to politicians making it one of the most selling SUVs. At present, Mr. Modi prefers Scorpio for his commute. Now the question arises whether he will continue the use of same even after being PM of India or will shift to the official transport medium of PM i.e. BMW 7 series ? Considering Mr. Modi’s favour for ‘swadeshi’ products it is quite likely that he may opt for the former option and in that case, it would be a great privilege for M&M which will give the company an opportunity to manifest their technical competency aided by world class manufacturing facilities, in a very niche vehicle segment. A common Indian citizen will also feel proud about ‘in house’ products.

M&M’s chairman, Mr. Anand Mahindra said in a statement given to Times of India; that the group is all agog at this opportunity in anticipation and ready to upgrade the vehicle to the desired safety standards.

Now the moment is not too far which would reveal the winner of this race. But there is no doubt that proud Indians, would love to see Scorpio as the next PM’s vehicle!

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