Fresco XL: All-New Electric Pod Is Here

Fresco XL

Unique Aerodynamic Electric pod Fresco XL

Fresco Motors AS is a Norwegian technology company. The company recently unveiled an all-electric pod, Fresco XL. The company has a clear focus on electric vehicles with a higher range.

Fresco Motors Fresco XL
Fresco Motors Fresco XL

Furthermore, Fresco XL is an all-electric vehicle with no internal combustion engine. So, owners can experience raw power without any noise from the engine. In addition, the electric Pod is extra large, with a seating capacity of 8 people.

We are happy to announce the unveiling of our extraordinary EV and our poisitve vision for the future.

Espan Kvalvik, CEO, Fresco.

The company is working on selling sustainable transport solutions to the people. Firstly, it is crucial to curb emissions to control Global warming. Then, people will adopt an environment-friendly way of travel.

Fresco XL Design

The Pod features a minimalistic and typical Norwegian design. The extra-long size of the vehicle provides enough space for eight passengers. Currently, no car looks like Fresco.

In addition, the overall styling is highly futuristic. The traditional and historical shapes are long gone. Instead, the design is like a fresh breath of air, with no conventional design characteristics.

Furthermore, Fresco XL has a practical design with a highly aerodynamic shape. As a result, the Pod comes with a very low drag coefficient. In addition, the highly smooth surfaces ensure the nonbuilding of ice while driving.


First of all, the Pod comes with a long-range battery pack. You can cover a 1000km distance in a single charge. This kind of range will surely provide relief from range anxiety. The seating capacity of the Pod is eight people.

In addition, an all-wheel-drive dual-motor ensures optimum power delivery. The Fresco XL’s wide width provides better handling and traction control.

In conclusion, the fully electric environment-friendly POD will occupy some space in people’s minds.

Image courtesy: Fresco Motors

Watch Fresco XL unveil here

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