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Ford calls back Fiesta

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Announces a recall of more than 3000 units

To replace the faulty Glow plug control module

Ford India is set to recall its most popular midsized sedan Fiesta. Company has detected some problems with the Glow plug control module fitted on these vehicles. The affected part is an exclusive fitment of the Diesel vehicles and hence Petrol variants of Fiesta are not prone to this problem at all. Based on the company’s data, the total number of the affected Diesel Fiesta equals to 3072. Vehicles which are manufactured from October 2010 to December 2011 are under probe for this particular problem.

Glow plug is a part fitted on the Diesel engine which assists in the process of burning the fuel especially during the cold start. It has a heating element fitted in its body which raises the temperature in the combustion chamber to the required level when electric current is applied to it. This allows the fuel to burn in a desired and efficient manner. Glow plug control module is an electronic part which controls the working of glow plugs.

According to the statement issued by the company, this recall is voluntary and is to assure customers’ satisfaction. The affected vehicles may show symptoms like staring troubles. Ford has asserted that this problem is not concerned with the safety of the occupants but needs to be addressed to avoid inconvenience to customers. No accidents or injuries have been recorded so far because of this problem. Similar problem was observed on the Diesel versions of Ford Figo and Ford EcoSport for which a recall was arranged last year.

Ford dealers will contact the owners of the affected vehicles to get an appointment for the part replacement activity which will be carried out free of cost.

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