Tata Nano F-Tronic Spy pic

Exclusive: Tata Nano F-Tronic Video Of Its Test Run

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Tata Nano F-Tronic Video Shows Nano Caught Racing ahead While On A Test Run

Tata Nano F-Tronic video featuring its Test-Run.

Tata Nano F-Tronic Spy pic
Tata Nano F-Tronic Spy pic

Tata Nano F-Tronic Video:

We had reported about Tata Nano F-Tronic featuring the AMT technology aka Automated Manual Transmission. As Tata Motors is busy conducting road tests of its Nano F-Tronic, Team CrankIT managed to shoot an exclusive ‘Tata Nano F-Tronic video’ featuring its Test-Run in the city. Tata Nano F-Tronic video has also been uploaded to CrankIT’s official You-Tube channel. Although, it was a bit hard to check whether the test-mule was actually the Tata Nano F-Tronic; its camouflaged appearance and styling clues amply pointed out that it had to be the Tata Nano F-Tronic itself.

Check out this exclusive first ever Tata Nano F-Tronic video of its Test-Run here:

{Disclaimer: This video has been shot by professionals by adhering to necessary safety & following the rules. Please do not attempt this yourself.}

Tata Nano F-Tronic Performance:

As you could observe in the Tata Nano F-Tronic video; that the Nano F-Tronic raced away in no time and was speeding effortlessly on the highway. The current Tata Nano is powered by a tiny 624 cc, 2 Cylinder, MPFI engine which makes 38 PS power @ 5500 rpm and 51 Nm torque @ 4000 rpm. This engine is mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

The current Nano has a top speed of 105 Km/h. The Tata Nano F-Tronic is most likely to get the same engine and drive-train, except for the gear shifting mechanism; which will be automated. The test-mule of Nano F-Tronic had a very good pick-up. We tried to chase the Tata Nano F-Tronic, but the Nano F-Tronic with a single occupant in it still managed to cruise ahead at 80 Km/h; as we could not overtake it safely.

Further information about Tata Nano can be obtained at: http://www.tatanano.com/

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