Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle

Exclusive: Bajaj RE60 Video

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Bajaj RE60 Video Shows RE60 Cruising in A Test-Run:

We bring you the Bajaj RE60 video featuring its Test-Run ahead of its launch.

We had reported about Bajaj RE60, India’s first Quadricycle in the earlier article. As Bajaj Auto has started conducting road tests of its RE60, Team CrankIT managed to shoot an exclusive ‘Bajaj RE60 video’ featuring its possibly maiden Test-Run in the city. Bajaj RE60 video has also been uploaded to CrankIT’s official You-Tube channel.

Bajaj RE60 with dummies
Bajaj RE60 with dummies

As can be seen in video, RE60 was covered with a tape while actually carrying ‘Dummies’ and its camouflaged appearance and styling clues amply pointed out that it was the Bajaj RE60 itself. Check out this exclusive first ever Bajaj RE60 video of its Test-Run here:

Exclusive: Bajaj RE60 video featuring its Test-Run.

Disclaimer: This video has been shot by professionals by adhering to necessary safety & following the rules. Please do not attempt this yourself.

Bajaj RE60 Performance:

As you could observe in the Bajaj RE60 video; that the RE60 was cruising steadily and was pacing fluently on the highway. The Bajaj RE60 is powered by a tiny 216cc, single cylinder engine which can deliver an estimated mileage of 37 km/L and a top speed of 70 Km/h under test conditions, as claimed by Bajaj Auto.

The test-mule of RE60 seemed to have a good pick-up. The compactness & tiny turning radius of Bajaj RE60 makes manoeuvring easier in the traffic. We tried to chase the Bajaj RE60 at 70 Km/h speed as it cruised steadily on the highway.

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