e-Moped on display at Auto Ancillaries Show 2014

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India's Sehgal Elmoto Ltd. Has Developed The New-Gen Electric Personal Transport:

What is an e-Moped?

A conventional moped is nothing but a tiny hybrid version of a conventional motorcycle and a bicycle. An e-moped is an electric version of the popular moped, which was in vogue in 1980s & 90s in India.

e-Moped Simpel E250
e-Moped Simpel E250

First of all, a moped is basically an advanced version of a bicycle and the very base version of a conventional motorcycle. It is designed to use for shorter distance at slow speeds; which needs either minimal or no license to ride it. Very popular among the students, the moped was the most favourite and affordable mode of transport in India in early 80s and thru’ 90s. Since the launch and popularisation of motorcycles in mid-1990s, the mopeds have almost vanished from the automotive scene in India. The good news is that the moped is back in business and that too in a different avatar – an e-moped.

AYS 16 scootrette
AYS 16 scootrette

Sehgal Elmoto Ltd., a Pune based Electric Mobility manufacturer has developed the newer generation of electric mopeds aka e-moped. The newer generation battery powered e-mopeds which include 3 models; were displayed at Auto Ancillary Show 2014.

AYS 20 scootrette
AYS 20 scootrette

The e-moped is currently available in three models – starting with the base versions AYS 16 & AYS 20, which are scootrettes and the top end Simpel E250 - an e-moped. The company had also displayed an Electric Rickshaw aka an e-Rickshaw at the Auto Ancillary Show 2014, which is currently under development.

Why use an e-moped?

All the three e-mopeds are driven by a 250W output light brushless motor and are designed for use by unisex. The company claims that all these e-mopeds have low power and speeds making them safer to ride and without the need of any registration and / or licencing as per the prevailing laws. While these e-mopeds need very low maintenance with no oil required in the drive system and hence the servicing cost is also lower. The running cost of these e-mopeds is astonishingly low with only 10 Paisa / Km (the approx. cost of electricity for charging the e-moped), as claimed by the company. The e-mopeds are ideal for use either by the teenagers or the adults alike; such as for – going to school, tuitions / park, shopping centre & nearby places etc.; which could save the burning of fossil fuels and reduce carbon footprint.

AYS 16, AYS 20 Features:

Both the AYS 16 & AYS 20 are the entry-level scootrettes but without the pedals & chain as in a bicycle. Both these models are differentiated by their wheel size. The AYS 16 has 16” wheels; whereas AYS 20 has 20”. So both these scootrettes are driven by the same 250W Light Brushless motor. Both these models use a lithium ion (LI) battery and have a range of about 30 to 35 Kms depending upon the rider’s weight and mode.

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