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Corona Car in India to Spread Awareness of Coronavirus

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World’s first Corona Car caught on Camera:

Everyone has their own way to give a message to their audience. People are doing their bit in these difficult times. They say that someone’s problem is someone’s opportunity! India is a land of creativity. And, so creative are Indians. While the world is reeling under the threat of the coronavirus, one Indian guy, Sudhakar, came up with an idea of creating the Corona car. However, unlike other cars, this car has a unique purpose - To create awareness of the Coronavirus among the people. The popular saying is - It happens only in India.

The Corona car is designed by one Sudhakar from Hyderabad in India. This car looks just like the coronavirus. Sudhakar is the owner of a car museum in Hyderabad city. He wants to spread awareness among the people about the fatal infection. This car is a single-seater which has a 100CC engine with an ability to run about 40 kilometers.

About Sudhakar & his hobby:

Sudhakar designs weird-looking models at Sudha Cars museum that he owns. This car has a small 100CC engine. It's a small, four-wheeled, single-seater car. It can easily travel up to 40 km. It took Sudhakar 10 days to make this Corona car model. He hopes that he can spread awareness and make people stay indoors. The car will go on the roads of Hyderabad to spread awareness. Besides, it will educate the people about the danger of the disease. Sudhakar hopes that people will understand the danger through his unique way.

Corona Car India to spread awareness of coronavirus
Corona Car India to spread awareness of coronavirus

Corona Car Creation:

Furthermore, we don't know much about Sudhakar. However, he is known for making weird models on numerous occasions in the past. He does what he is best at – design unique models. Earlier, he made a Condom bike to spread awareness on AIDS. He also designed a Helmet car for promoting head safety and a Cigarette bike to help people quit the smoking habit in the past. Now, he has made a corona-shaped car to spread awareness about the deadly virus.

We, at CarBikeTech, thank Sudhakar for his unique initiative to save humanity in these difficult times. We also urge our readers to follow the strict guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

Please follow these simple steps to stop the spread of Coronavirus:

  1. HANDS: Wash them often
  2. ELBOW: Cough into it
  3. FACE: Don’t touch it
  4. SPACE: Keep a safe distance
  5. FEEL SICK? Stay Home

By following these simple steps, we can together fight this menace.

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