Citroen C5 X

Citroen C5 X: a tranquil touring experience is here

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The innovation and audacity at its core Citroen C5 X

Citroen, a french automotive car brand, recently unveiled Citroen C5 X. The C5 X carries a perfect styling that adheres to Citroen's philosophy. The C5 X is a combination of an SUV, a station wagon, and a saloon. So, it has the best of all three segments. It has the comfort of the saloon, the dynamism of a station wagon, and the bold stance of an SUV.

Citroen C5 X Front View
Citroen C5 X Front View

Furthermore, the passenger compartment is as good as a lounge, thanks to the interiors. The Citroen Advanced Comfort Program adds to a relaxing experience on the go. The advanced comfort active suspension and advanced comfort seats make your drive effortless. It is a new entry by Citroen in the large car segment. The customers of this segment have high expectations. Citron fulfills them with an all-new design that expresses modernity. It also ticks on status and innovation. It comes with petrol and plugin hybrid versions. So, you address the issue of climate change as well.

In addition, the state-of-the-art workmanship along with 545 liters boot capacity fulfills the need of station wagon customers. You can drive in electric mode daily in a plug-in hybrid version of the car.

C5 X is an ambitious touring vehicle. It addresses the need of customers who want to explore the world.

Vincent Cobee, Citroen CEO.

The Exteriors

The C5 X highlights typical Citroen characters. The innovative and modern Bodystyle makes it more appealing. The distinctive and robust design is immediately striking. The C5 X Bodystyle cleverly blends saloon and station wagon. As a result, you will get an appealing SUV. The modern looks with attention to aerodynamics make C5 X more efficient.

Furthermore, the fluid lines, high waistlines, and long bonnet brings dynamism in styling. The slight kick above the rear wheels brings more distinctiveness. Additionally, the Tailgate is wide and has a functional low opening. Hence, it is more useful for everyday use. The 720 mm wheels, along with higher ground clearance than a typical saloon, add versatility. The 2785 mm wheelbase provides large legroom and big rear seats. The 4805mm length along with 1865mm width gives lavish exterior dimensions.

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